Referendum: Student’s Frequently Asked Questions Answered


Satellite Staff

The vote for the NJSD referendum proposal requesting funds to build a new high school and make improvements to existing buildings will take place in early April this year, and some students may have questions. Below, we answer the FAQs. All answers have been compiled from the the referendum page on the NJSD website

Where is the new high school located?

The district has purchased a plot of land on Winchester Road.

When will the new buildings open to students?

The new high school will open in the fall of 2023. 

How will the parking situation change at the new high school?

Good news for frustrated student drivers: new and larger parking lots will be available for use at the new high school. The district plans to construct 1,200 parking stalls, almost twice the current amount at NHS. 

What graduating class will actually get to go to the new high school if it passes?

Current 8th graders (Class of 2024) will be the first graduating class at the new Neenah High School. Current 5th graders (Class of 2028) will be the first freshman class at the new Neenah High School. Current 1st graders (Class of 2032) will be the first 5th graders who would go to the newly converted middle school. 

What will happen to Shattuck Middle School after the referendum?

The district has not yet decided on what will happen to Shattuck Middle School. They are considering several options, such as selling the property with the building or demolishing the building and selling the land.

When will voting take place?

Anyone 18 and older can vote on April 7.