Students’ Questions about the New High School Answered


Photo by: NJSD

Lauren Sturgell, Assistant Editor in Chief

In April, Neenah voters approved a $114.9 million referendum to build a new high school set to open for the fall of 2023. In the past months, subcommittees have deliberated over features to include in the new high school, and they have created a plan for the new high school. Here are some answers, directly from the N.J.S.D. website, for questions that students might have regarding the new high school.

Who will attend?

With the school set to open for the fall of 2023, the class of 2024 will be the first graduating class. The class of 2024 is currently in ninth grade.

What will happen with the current high school?

The current high school will become the intermediate school. Fifth grade will be in Conant, and sixth grade will be in Armstrong. For the time being, seventh and eighth graders will remain at Shattuck, and Horace Mann will be considered for future elementary school planning.

What sports facilities are planned for the high school?

Inside the building, there will be a two-station gym for competitions, as well as an additional four-station gym. There will also be a wrestling room and a weight and cardio room. Outside of the building, there are plans for multiple baseball, soccer, and football fields, as well as tennis courts.

What performing arts and music facilities are planned for the new high school?

An auditorium and a black box are planned for the new high school. Band, orchestra, and choir rooms are accompanied by practice rooms and ensemble rooms.

What is the geothermal mechanical system?

The geothermal mechanical system will provide heating and cooling to the new high school. Although it has a higher initial cost than a traditional heating and cooling system, it is less expensive to operate long term. Additionally, it is more environmentally friendly because of its lower levels of carbon emission.

Where can more information be found?

More information can be found on the Neenah Joint School District website, under the Forward Together tab. Also, view the site plan and preliminary renderings or subcommittee updates at those links.