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Ice Cream Machine Returns: Students Share Opinions

May 4, 2023

Students are congregating around the newly revived ice cream machine at NHS. Following spring break the ice cream machine was reintroduced into the lives and stomachs of the student body.

Recently, a portion of students shared their opinions of this esteemed ice cream machine. With varying opinions the opportunity to get a well-rounded review was effortless. Giving readers the unfiltered opinions of students about this ice cream release.

In the past, students enjoyed an ice cream machine.  After the brand changed, it no longer fitting our student meal plan; thus it was taken away. Since finding a new brand, students are now able to get that ice cream once more. Based on observation, it appears to be a popular decision for the district, but not an uncontroversial one.

Here is what some of our students said:

Q: What do you like about the ice cream machine?

Tim Keberlein: “The ice cream.”

Filip Eyer: “That I can get ice cream in school without bringing it myself and worrying about it melting.”

Mckenna Schilling: “That we can get ice cream in school.”

Q: Is this ice cream machine better than the one you’ve had in the past?

Tim Keberlein: “Yes, this one you get to serve yourself it’s fascinating how it just comes out of the machine.”

Filip Eyer: “Not really.”

Mckenna Schilling: “It’s cooler.”

Q: What’s a common thing people say about the ice cream that you’ve heard?

Tim Keberlein: “It’s exuberant.”

Filip Eyer: “It’s not good.”

Mckenna Schilling: “It’s good, and doesn’t taste like school food.”

Q: What’s one negative about the ice cream machine being back?

Tim Keberlein: “It’s expensive.”

Filip Eyer: “It’s expensive; it’s really expensive.”

Mckenna Schilling: “It’s expensive, and the lines are extremely long.”

The machine is self-serve and costs $3 per cup. The ice cream machine continues to peak interest during lunch.


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