The Orbit was created to service students in need.  What started as an idea for a small food closet to provide snacks to underprivileged students has since expanded this school year to a fully fledged resource with items essential to daily life.

Orbit: Store Created in Response to Food Assistance Need Expands

Ava Dieck, Reporter February 24, 2017

Recent numbers prove that a shifting demographic creates a higher need for food assistance programs within the Neenah Joint School District (N.J.S.D.) and its surrounding community; therefore the district...

Around 20% of NHS students receive free and reduced meals at school, including breakfast, affecting the rest of their day.

Fighting Hunger: Breakfast Brings Focus

Emily Roberts, Reporter February 16, 2017

While some students eat a home cooked breakfast comprised of fresh pancakes and sizzling bacon before the bell rings at 7:50 a.m., others hop on a familiar yellow bus to arrive with time to spare for consuming...

Helping Hands Craft Fair has signs throughout the Neenah Community, including Neenah High School.

Fighting Hunger: One Helping Hand at a Time

BaJie Vang, Reporter January 27, 2017

Hunger, a worldwide epidemic -- affecting more than a million families and children across the globe and in Wisconsin -- offers no reprive to families who struggle with poverty. According to,...

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