Dr. Altekruse Discusses SOS Screening Process, District Mental Health Developments

Dr. Altekruse Discusses SOS Screening Process, District Mental Health Developments

Ashlyn Jacobs, Editor in Chief December 12, 2021

Satellite: Why did the counseling staff choose to spread out the SOS screener days on a once-a-month schedule? Dr. Altekruse: “We normally just do two classes, 9th grade and 11th grade. Because of...

Student representative to the school board, Parker De Deker, with N.J.S.D, Superintendent Dr. Mary Pfeiffer.

Versatile Student Receives Potential Yale Scholarship

Olly Dungan and Frank Whiting October 28, 2021

Four words: “A love for learning." That is how one junior describes his academic and extracurricular journey in Sources of Strength, leader of a Leukemia fundraiser, the musical, Act II, the forensics...

Jacobson beside one of his greatest passions.

Mathematics Teacher Finds Motivation for Himself and Others

Ava Krema and Maddie Keeley October 27, 2021

Motivation. That is a word that so many people throw around in their everyday lives, but something few people truly have. Mr. Todd Jacobson happens to be a shining example of someone who has motivation. He...

New School Resource Officer Invisions A Better Environment For Students

Owen Holecko and Nathan Jahner October 27, 2021

Students may see a new face walking the halls of NHS with the administrative staff. Officer Nathan (Nate) Franzke of the Neenah Police Department has recently started his 5-year tour of duty as the high...

Mrs. Lewis in her office.

New Associate Principal Takes Advantage of Opportunities

Adriana Laughrin and Gavin McClowry October 26, 2021

Transitioning from her role as a science teacher, Associate Principal Lindsey Lewis sought after a career that mirrored her own high school experience: fast-paced and widely involved. This search led her...

Ramos speaks as a Fuel Up ambassador at the national summit.

Passionate Student Gives Voice to the Younger Generation

Caleb Youngwerth and Braiden Blank October 26, 2021

In sixth grade, she joined a youth wellness group, and, in seven short years, she made an appearance on Good Morning America. To say senior Destinee Ramos has come a long way is an understatement. In order...

As NHSs new activities administrative assistant, Paula Hella enjoys being a champion for students.

An Advocate and Champion for NHS students

Sophia Henning and Lily Heidorn October 26, 2021

As NHS’s new activities administrative assistant, Mrs. Paula Hella is having a personal impact on students within her new position as she embodies someone who they can connect with throughout high school. Growing...

New Yearbook Advisers Have Fresh Ideas and Passion

Cole Tauscher and Lukas Schmerse October 26, 2021

Filling a hole out of need, NHS’s new yearbook advisers are working hard to create this year's annual while learning the job on the go. But, with creativity and passion fueling their journey, they know...

While consumers adapt to the struggling food and retail industries with patience,  employers seek willing workers to fill deficits in their staff.

Labor Shortage Loads More Responsibility on Student Workers

Ashlyn Jacobs, Editor in Chief October 24, 2021

Staffing issues hit local industries this year, lengthening wait times and shortening open hours in the face of an unprecedented worker shortage, The Post-Crescent said in a Sept. 3 article.  While...

Miss Westcott at her piano in the choir room.

Choir Teacher Adds Sparkle to NHS

Ava Krema, Student of Journalism October 18, 2021

While every other teacher heads home for a relaxing Thursday night,  Amy Westcott’s night is getting started and not ending anytime soon.  After quickly preparing for her classes the next day she...

Carter Thomas shooting a free throw.

COVID Burns Team: Causing Player to Reflect

Ice Emery , Student of Journalism October 12, 2021

It’s March of 2020 and basketball brews in local high schools. It's the best time of the year; playoffs are prime.  On the evening of March 12, the Neenah Rockets prepare for the dog fight against...

Mr. Phil Smyth performing professionally in 2019.

Neenah Music Teacher Pushes the Limits of High School Performing Arts

George Eastman-Kiesow, Student of Journalism October 11, 2021

High school club rosters are an ever-evolving labyrinth, with new students coming in and old ones leaving each year. This has a significant effect on all activities, including the development of music...

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