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The student news site of Neenah High School


Lunch lady demonstrating self serve Annies Frozen Yogurt machine.

Ice Cream Machine Returns: Students Share Opinions

Ava Yoblonski, Staff Writer May 4, 2023

Students are congregating around the newly revived ice cream machine at NHS. Following spring break the ice cream machine was reintroduced into the lives and stomachs of the student body. Recently,...

Rose glistens in the sunlight.

Photoseries: Summer Glow

Morgan Grosek, Photographer April 27, 2023


Satellite Sweethearts: Valentines Photo Series

Satellite Sweethearts: Valentines Photo Series

The Satellite staff was positioned outside the school cafeteria on Feb. 8, asking students to pose with large 'sweetheart' paper cutouts as an individual, couple or group. Conversation Sweetheart candy...

Why the 2022 World Cup Transformed the U.S. into a Soccer Nation

Why the 2022 World Cup Transformed the U.S. into a Soccer Nation

Brenden Selch, Student of Journalism December 28, 2022

In America, soccer has consistently been one of the least popular sports to watch, with most Americans preferring to watch football, basketball or baseball. Prior to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, studies from...

Only in Wisconsin -- NHS students want their drinks ice cold.

Craze Around the Popular Drink Bubbl’r Explained

Sierra Luepke, Student of Journalism December 21, 2022

Walking through the halls of NHS, there is no doubt that you will see a Bubbl’r in the hands of a student or tucked in the side of their backpack. But what has caused this drink to become so popular? ...

Vintage summer choreography

Show Choir Celebrates 50-Year Anniversary at Opener

Elisa Hein, Student of Journalism November 17, 2022

Opener, consisting of performances from four ensembles, salutes 50 years of show choir on Tuesday, Nov. 22 in Pickard auditorium. “We started working with the band and our set is coming along great!”...

Aspiring Diplomat Represents Georgia as a Foreign Exchange Student in America

Elaina Plankey and Lindsey Jones November 4, 2022

Foreign exchange student from Tbisil, Georgia Saba Gagoshidze embarks on a journey of cultural immersion. He is spending his junior year studying abroad in America here at NHS. With preference to his...

Foreign Exchange Student from Hungary Adapts to the Life of a Wisconsinite

Sierra Luepke and Ana Sofia O. Pavao November 4, 2022

Following a loop of faith and adventure, Hungarian Zsophia Zorka Voko, who prefers to be called Sophia, decided to risk it all and leave it to fate to decide where she would be spending her exchange year...

French Foreign Exchange Student Navigates New Culture

Chloe Loberg and Preston Schamens November 4, 2022

Moving from a city of over 2 million people to the seemingly small city of Neenah is a drastic change of pace. For foreign exchange student Gaelle Tronche, this change has been her reality for the past...

Foreign Exchange Student Takes on Challenges of New Country

Anna Foucault and Josh Armstrong November 4, 2022

In search of adventure and travel, a student named Filip Eyer decides to join the Czech Republic’s foreign exchange program for a chance to pursue his dreams and be accepted into an American high school. Eyer...

Brazilian Exchange Student Adapts to Foreign School System

Drew Gentile and Zach Kramp November 4, 2022

It is safe to say that Ana Sofia Ottani Pavão is aproveitando a oportunidade de uma vida. The Brazilian native of the city Piracicaba is thousands of miles from home, but flourishing in a foreign culture. Pavão’s...

German Foreign Exchange Student Takes Inspiration from Sister to Travel Internationally

Ella Mainville and Emerson Bluemke November 4, 2022

Although an extensive and slightly nerve-wracking decision, Irati Deperrest, a German native, took a chance and chose to participate in foreign exchange during the 2022-’23 school year. Irati, who prefers...

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