Editorial: Apple, Better or Worse

Editorial: Apple, Better or Worse

Mason Jones, Student of Journalism

December 27, 2018

Apple products have been a staple in many homes, classrooms, and pockets for decades. Apple products are one of the most popular brand of phone, computer, music device and more. Many people have varying opinions on their products, more specifically those who have Samsung and Android products. This "feu...

Editorial: Appeal to Join in the Walkout

Editorial:  Appeal to Join in the Walkout

Jason Fisher, Editorial Columnist

March 12, 2018

Usually, high school students are overlooked on the national stage. However, the recent tragedy in Parkland, Fla. has amplified interest in us tenfold. Within days of Nikolas Cruz’s massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, students at that school wrote letters, held and attended protests, and...

Letter to the Editor: Pointless New Year’s Resolutions

Letter to the Editor:  Pointless New Year’s Resolutions

January 13, 2018

Dear Editor:  A new year, a new me. A common phrase among people once New Year's hits. One way many do this is with New Year’s resolutions -- a way to set goals for yourself once the new year hits. This concept, however, is not the correct way to change or to set goals. New Year's resoluti...

High School Journalism Matters

High School Journalism Matters

Alyssa Remme, Staff Writer

December 26, 2017

Journalism and Composition 12 go hand-in-hand to address the same, senior-level writing standards.  Composition for Journalistic Publications provides students with a new platform to express their writing, while Composition 12 is essentially the same thing students have done every year via different p...

Letter to the Editor: Questioning the Mental Health of Future Generations

Letter to the Editor: Questioning the Mental Health of Future Generations

December 26, 2017

Dear Editor: NHS is looking to implement the standards-based grading in the coming years. Many classes already have started with this implementation. It is a common belief that this new grading scale is inspiring perfection and not learning. Many students are told from the beginning of their schoo...

Video: Satellite Editors Say Goodbye to Staff and NHS

Video: Satellite Editors Say Goodbye to Staff and NHS

Marissa Hart and Charley Hrobsky

May 16, 2017

Editor-in-Chief Charley Hrobsky and Assistant Editor-in-Chief Marissa Hart talk about their time at NHS, give advice, and talk about next year's Editor-in-Chief.

Letter to Editor: Prom Venue Matters

Arianna Robles, Student of Journalism

December 29, 2016

Dear Editor:   Prom is supposed to be a sensational day – a day of creating memories! Some spend all day and some even months preparing for the big day. That is why this special event should never be held in a school cafeteria where Friday’s lunch Jell-O is still stuck to the floor. “Prom...

Book review of the fourth addition in series : The Heir fails to satisfy Selectioners

May 12, 2015

By:   Staff Writer Charley Hrobsky “You are Eadlyn Schreave. You are the next person in line to run this country, and you will be the first girl to do it on your own. No one,” I said, “is as powerful as you.” Eadlyn Schreave, the heir to the throne of Illea, has been forced to hold a Sele...

Book review for Spelled offers this advice: Push through the first 50 pages and get to the phenomenal parts

May 12, 2015

By:   Staff Writer Charley Hrobsky Spelled has worked its magic into the hearts of readers. Author Betsy Schow has written her debut fiction novel in a way like many readers have never seen before. Despite the immature writing at the beginning of the book, Betsy Schow’s writing evolved to quickl...

Book review of The Hundred: Beyond expectations of dystopian novels

May 4, 2015

By:   Staff Writer Charley Hrobsky “Maybe here in the ruins of the old world, they could start something new.” The Hundred by Kass Morgan is a book beyond the expectations other dystopian novels have set for standards. Unlike many of the young adult dystopian authors today, Morgan writes about events that many teen-agers have actually experienced in today...

Editorial: NHS Prom theme flawed

April 23, 2015

By:  Staff Editorial The 2015 NHS prom, with theme "Arabian Nights," scheduled to occur this Saturday at the Riverwalk Hotel in downtown Neenah has left students buzzing around school with excitement. Some groaning is the result of the venue change from the cafeteria to the hotel, which resulted in ...

Book review of 99 Days: Flashbacks appeal to readers

April 12, 2015

By:  Staff Writer Charley Hrobsky   Protagonist, Molly Barlow, has 99 days to fix all of the broken relationships she left when she ran off to Bristol, Az, from the secrets she kept; author Katie Cotugno features Molly in her second novel called 99 Days. Day one of the story starts out with Molly...

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