Ellon Buchanan sitting on top of a bench in front of a wall painted with flowers.

Stealthy Approach to Education Explored

Evan Greis, Student of Journalism November 7, 2020

In a school of over 2,000 students, going unnoticed is almost impossible, but one student makes that the goal. For the everyday student, a chat in the halls or a group conversation is commonplace,...

Photo of Mrs. Drake and her family.

Teacher, Mother and Wife Gets Through Tough Times

Peyton Phelps, Student of Journalism October 31, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically changed everyone's lives. This holds true for English teacher Jodi Drake.  She is a mother to 2 elementary students in the district and married to former Neenah...

Senior Derrick Sabel loves to play trending games.

Trending Game: “Among Us” Reaches New Limits from a Student

Aber (Cloud) Qureshi, Student of Journalism October 29, 2020

Trending games reach popularity limits upon any launch. Games such as Minecraft, Fortnite and Apex Legends, illustrate popular games from the last decade. With 2020, being the start of a new decade...

A Hall of Fame Worthy Coach

A Hall of Fame Worthy Coach

Evan Piechocki, Student of Journalism October 24, 2020

As over 1,000 grieving people are in attendance at his beloved father’s funeral, Mr. Chris Rundquist reflects on the impact this man has had on him along with many other individuals. Not only does...

Debate and Forensics Coach Learns Through Experience

Debate and Forensics Coach Learns Through Experience

Grace Randall, Student of Journalism October 24, 2020

The current presidential debates that many of us watch are filled with character assassinations, interrupting and transparent lies; in other words, nothing like a real debate should be. Mrs. Andrea...

Bracelets for Charity

Bracelets for Charity

Rachel Jones, Student of Journalism October 19, 2020

A determined senior at NHS, Syri Brandt, creates her own business at only 16 years old. Originally named Washers and Flowers, she customizes bracelets with symbolic words on them and designs flowers....

Accomplished Athlete Overcomes Adversity

Accomplished Athlete Overcomes Adversity

Colin McClowry, Students of Journalism October 13, 2020

It happens on a Wednesday in September 2016. Eighth-grade football player Luke Elkin suffers his fourth concussion. While making a tackle, a loud CRACK echoes through the stadium, and Luke blacks out....

Safety-Conscious Teacher Contracts COVID-19

Safety-Conscious Teacher Contracts COVID-19

Abi Wise, Student of Journalism October 12, 2020

In-person NHS students know the sorrow of watching fellow classmates being taken out of class and asked to continue their learning online. It affects classrooms like the autumn trees losing leaves, many...

Student-Athlete Overcomes Season Postponement by Joining New Sport

Student-Athlete Overcomes Season Postponement by Joining New Sport

Payton McClowry, Student of Journalism October 12, 2020

Fresh off a state championship appearance last year, Neenah soccer player Zachary Ziegert looks forward to carrying the momentum into 2020. Unfortunately, on Aug. 25, the N.J.S.D. Board of Education announces...

Photo courtesy of Nicole Makope.

Being a Minority in America: Young Advocate Shares Personal Perspective

Kaya Boettcher, Student of Journalism October 12, 2020

Nine minutes.  The final nine minutes of George Floyd’s life on May 25, 2020 is seemingly all it took to spark a nationwide movement of outraged people demanding justice for victims of police brutality;...

Photo provided by Alise Van Dyke

How to Be Generous in Everyday Situations

Jacob Lind, Student of Journalism October 12, 2020

Alise Van Dyke stops. She sees a man in a position that she cannot imagine. The man waits in the cold as the warm summer season abruptly changes to fall and the night brings a cold chill to the air,...

Cooper Moss enjoys the time away from his phone by longboarding.

Documentary Triggers A Wake Up Call

Elliana King, Student of Journalism October 12, 2020

Senior, Cooper Moss, challenges himself to delete all social media because he feels like it consumes his life. After watching the documentary, The Social Dilemma, he is disgusted with the idea of how social...

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