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The student news site of Neenah High School


The student news site of Neenah High School


Football coach Steve Jung played rugby in college.

The Rugby Past of the Football Coach

Ana Sofia O. Pavao, Student of Journalism October 26, 2022

To be on the wrong side of the ball in a rugby game is to be stomped on with metal cleats.  This unfortunate casualty happened twice to Steve Jung during his 7-year-long career in rugby. After playing...

Coach Carrie Raeth 
cheers on the boys at a home swim meet.

Coach Models Commitment to Boys’ and Girls’ Swim Teams

Ryan Foucault, Student of Journalism October 25, 2022

Many years ago, a young girl who swam in Montana with hopes to reach new heights is now looking forward to winning conference as a coach for the boys' and girls' swim teams. This all begins when Carrie...

Right after school, senior Matt Rowe goes straight to the gym. The gym is where he starts his journey into the world of bodybuilding.

Student Seeks Change; He Discovers the World of BodyBuilding

Zachary Kramp , Student of Journalism October 23, 2022

Right after school, Matt Rowe goes straight to the gym. The gym is where he starts his journey into the world of bodybuilding.  Ten months ago, Matt decided he is not satisfied with how he looks and...

Emma Cartwright, backstage at Anastasia.

Writer Tells Theatrical Story of the Human Experience

Ella Mainville, Student of Journalism October 21, 2022

Actors see the world through a different lens, as if a performance manifests itself into every action every individual person makes throughout the day. According to writer Emma Cartwright, each performance...

Katie Poquette at Onaway Island leading a team.

Camp Onaway: A Home Away from Home

Anna Foucault, Student of Journalism October 20, 2022

Camp Onaway has been a part of this girl's life since she was 10 years old. Katie Poquette describes Camp Onaway as a place for everyone -- a home. A place that will be there for her whenever she needs...

Rhoades playing soccer at Bayport.

Player’s Injury during Rival Soccer Game Leads to Growth

Brenden Selch, Student of Journalism October 20, 2022

Blake Rhoades, star striker for the Neenah junior varsity soccer team and top prospect for next year's varsity squad arrives at the field on a cool September afternoon. The Rockets warm up for a heated...

Miles Hessenthalers returns to the field after his injury.

Overcoming the Adversity of a Life Changing Injury

Preston Schamens, Student of Journalism October 20, 2022

At the age of 12, middle school starts to kick off and things like sports start to become more serious. Unfortunately, for one particular freshman, the cruel reality of life in sports has already hit.   Defending...

Cal Klesmit cries in joy after Neenah wins state championship

Basketball Player Perseveres Through Injury to Achieve Championship

Josh Armstrong, Student of Journalism October 20, 2022

Cal Klesmit is at a regular AAU tournament that he plays in on most weekends over the summer. Cal jumps to grab a rebound, but when he lands there is a loud POP in his knee. He doesn’t know it now but...

The Rocket Rowdies in front of the student section at the Oshkosh West football stadium.

Rowdies Operate Beyond the Bleachers

Sierra Luepke, Student of Journalism October 19, 2022

Lining the front row of the bleachers, the Rocket Rowdies prepare for the exciting game ahead. The bleachers sing with support as the student section jumps up and down as the Rockets score the first points...

Kas Austin smiles before the last Touch of Class show in Croatia.

Nontypical Classic Musician Gains Confidence

Emlyn Swardenski, Student of Journalism October 16, 2022

Kas Austin, from the outside, embodies confidence. He almost always accompanies his split dyed hair and numerous piercings with a smug grin and a sarcastic remark. Kas is not a typical classical musician,...

Soccer is Selias life until injuries limit her play.

Injuries Limit Choices on the Field: Brightens Future Options Post High School

Emerson Bluemke, Student of Journalism October 16, 2022

For Selia Shelley soccer isn’t just a sport for her, it is her life. Selia grew up in a soccer-oriented family, being the youngest she watchs as her two older sisters fall in love with the sport that...

Kacie Stamm surrounded by Girls Swim & Dive teammates.

Diagnosis of Alopecia Leads to Hairy Situations

Elaina Plankey, Editor-In-Chief October 16, 2022

To deviate from the norm is to be constantly observed — every aspect picked apart and examined. Questioning how you act, talk, dress. For Kacie Stamm, this aspect is her hair, more acutely her lack...

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