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Column: Sexual Assault Issue Lacks Discussion and Support

Ellon Buchanan, Student of Journalism December 23, 2020

Sexual assault is an umbrella term used for any sexual contact without a person’s consent. This can happen to anyone at any age, gender or sexual orientation. Despite the fact that this can happen to...

Sketch on the left shows a women looking said covered by a red cross. Sketch on the right shows the same women in the same outfit walking also happily.

Column Explores Dress Codes: Harmful or Helpful

Grace Randall, Student of Journalism December 23, 2020

As a student, while at NHS, Shattuck and Horace Mann, I have seen people dress coded for impracticable issues and ruthless rules later deemed pointless. Dress codes are rules that limit how a person may...

An Air Fryer can fry various different foods, anything from doughnuts to brussel sprouts.

Column: An Increasingly-Popular Kitchen Appliance Creates New Opportunities for College Students

Payton McClowry, Student of Journalism December 23, 2020

In less than a year, high school seniors will enter a new phase in their life where many will be responsible for taking on new tasks they may not be used to, like cooking. College students need a quick...

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Column: Are Virtual Wednesdays Effective?

Madison Gafner, Student of Journalism December 23, 2020

The Neenah Joint School District started implementing virtual Wednesdays Nov. 11. Virtual Wednesdays are a day where students have all of their classes virtually over Zoom. These Wednesdays are like a...

My plate of fully vegan Thanksgiving fare. No rabbit food here.

Holiday Food Culture Prompts Interesting Conversation in New Vegan’s First Turkeyless Turkey Day

Ashlyn Jacobs, Editor in Chief December 4, 2020

Once upon a time, a girl learned about the factory farms that put meat, dairy and eggs on her table, and based on those findings, that girl decided to adopt a vegan diet. The girl eagerly planned her meals,...

Column: Walk at Your Own Risk in High School Hallways

Column: Walk at Your Own Risk in High School Hallways

Ashlyn Jacobs, Editor-in-Chief February 11, 2020

Without a doubt, high school boasts many wonderful opportunities — for anyone from the high-achieving advanced student, to the gregarious socialite, to the tireless athlete — and yet, each day the...

Column:  Will You be Lonely on Valentines Day too?

Column: Will You be Lonely on Valentine’s Day too?

Kiana Valeri, Staff Writer February 11, 2020

The BEST season of the year, or the best season for the ladies, has already begun. Ladies and gents we have officially begun, “Cuff season.” You better hold your boo tight until Valentine's Day...

Example of outfit in which female student receives a dress code violation.

Column: Dress Codes Discriminate and Disrupt Classrooms

Hannah Farrell, Student of Journalism January 4, 2020

The format of a dress code has objectified and sexualized female students for generations and it is time to speak out. School dress codes were started in 1969 by the U.S. Supreme Court. Fashion trends,...

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Column: Why Failure Teaches Life Lessons

Madison Pedersen, Student of Journalism January 3, 2020

I have failed. I have failed many times in my life -- to say the least. I was cut from the varsity volleyball team, and I have failed some classes. I am no stranger to failure, and there are things...

White Elephant gifts under the Christmas Tree.

Column: Christmas Tradition that Continues to Sweep the Nation

Ethan Krueger, Student of Journalism January 2, 2020

One day a year, stealing from a family member is allowed and does not result in a misdemeanor. No one is going to be taken away to the slammer. In fact, it is encouraged to steal. Involving over 36 million...

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Column: Bathrooms Against Humanity

Jeri Paulson, Student of Journalism January 2, 2020

Over my past four years at NHS, I have experienced an abundance of troubles related to the bathrooms. Stalls with broken doors and holes you can literally see through, the lack of bathrooms in the Link,...

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Column: Keeping the Pounds off During Winter Break

Seth Geiger, Student of Journalism December 29, 2019

Everybody loves the round, jolly, bearded man that is associated with Christmas and the holiday season. Few, however, like how they start resembling Saint Nick after a week off of school laying around...

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