Letter to Students: SBG Enlightened

Sydney Krajnik, Guest Writer

May 23, 2018

My Fellow Students: The switch to standards based grading, a very controversial change, has become widely spread throughout the US, but not many people have much knowledge about what it really means. Many websites and articles argue against the switch to SBG, but after learning more about what it...

Letter to Students: SBG Benefits Students

Mason Meacham, Guest Writer

May 23, 2018

Dear Fellow Students: Standards Based Grading. I recognize that those three words leave a sour taste in the mouths of most students. I too very much expected to be writing an essay in opposition of the new grading system when I chose this topic. However, what I found in my research surprised me. I...

Letter to Students: Awareness of Human Trafficking

Kimberly Reese, Guest Writer

May 23, 2018

Dear Student Body: As you grow up, there are some ways you stay out of harm. By looking behind you and checking your surroundings. But, there are some where looking around was not enough. Where life took a turn for the worse and looking around welcomed them to a predator.They were pulled in by stro...

Letter to Students: Advocate of SBG

Carson Lisowe, Guest Writer

May 23, 2018

Dear Students: A common misconception of students is that standards based grading will be the end of the world. Well, I am telling you that it is not. Trust me, I was in the same boat as you for a while, and up until recently I thought the same thing too. But, now I know that is false. In a book w...

Letter to Students: Address Levels of Stress

Dominic Briske, Guest Writer

May 21, 2018

Dear NHS Students: With a serious lack of sleep, decreased self esteem, and a strong sense of anxiety, students in America are not suffering from some sort of mental illness, but are being crushed under the stifling stress of schooling. Jacquie Lee, an author at NPR, tells the story of a freshman at Marble...

Letter to Administration: Standards Based Grading Hurts Schools

Zachary Nunamaker, Guest Writer

May 18, 2018

Dear Administration: Standards based grading was supposed to revolutionize the way we grade; Unfortunately, this was a good idea that was poorly executed.Standards based grading was supposed to be a grading system that focuses on mastering the topic and not on doing worksheets. This, due to poor ...

Letter to Students and Staff: Appeal for Less Homework

Dylan Romzek, Guest Writer

May 18, 2018

Dear Students and Staff: Timmy is your average freshman student athlete. He has practice every day after school until 5:30 p.m. When he gets home around 6 o’clock, he eats a quick meal with his family and then rushes upstairs to do his homework. By the time Timmy is done, it’s about 9 o’cloc...

Letter to Faculty: Collect Phones to Avoid Distraction

Trinity Grimes, Guest Writer

May 18, 2018

Dear NHS Faculty: “Put your phone away” has become a sentence uttered far too often by teachers in our schools today. Time and time again through almost every class, teachers are having to fight with their students to keep their attention on and keep their cell phones off. In this day in age,...

Letter to Student Body: Extracurriculars Improve Facets of Life

Elizabeth Vitale, Guest Writer

May 18, 2018

Dear Student Body: Every child remembers being told to eat their vegetables, their parents claiming the food will help them grow up big and strong. As we grow older, we eventually find out that this is actually true! Just as vegetables help people improve themselves physically, extracurricular activities ...

Letter to the Editor: Pointless New Year’s Resolutions

Perfect example of what your goal should be

January 13, 2018

Dear Editor:  A new year, a new me. A common phrase among people once New Year's hits. One way many do this is with New Year’s resolutions -- a way to set goals for yourself once the new year hits. This concept, however, is not the correct way to change or to set goals. New Year's resoluti...

Letter to the Editor: Expand Lunch Period

Letter to the Editor:  Expand Lunch Period

December 26, 2017

  Dear Editor: Numerous high schoolers have complained too many times in regards to short lunch periods making Neenah behind in the state when it come to time management. It is often frowned upon and is a big complaint among students of NHS, who perceive this issue as “time crushing” ...

Letter to the Editor: Swimming Requirement Advocated

Letter to the Editor: Swimming Requirement Advocated

December 26, 2017

Dear Editor: Home and Recreational Safety confirmed from 2005-2014, 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings annually in the United States — about 10 deaths per day.  In addition to that scary statistic, about one in five people who die from drowning are children 14 and younger. Recently, a proposal...

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