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Letter to the Editor: The Reality of Being an Exchange Student

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Dear Editor:

Being an exchange student in a different country can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life. During a year abroad there is so much to be gained, such as experiencing a new culture, learning how to be responsible for our choices and so on. International studies, like a mosaic, create a greater understanding between nations.

Personally, being an exchange student is an all-around rewarding experience. More high school students should apply to exchange programs. Advantages of participating in the student exchange program are learning a foreign language, being open to differences and experiencing a sense of accomplishment.

The most rewarding thing about studying abroad is the opportunity to see the world. Thus students will experience a totally new country and be able to visit surrounding countries as well.

Amie, one of the former exchange students in the USA said that it all starts somewhere. “Packing suitcase, saying goodbye, forgetting at least three important things, and getting on a plane to fly away from home.” It is like a snake shedding its skin to grow. Students leave behind the comfortable, familiar, cozy slippers and face the new world with bare feet.

Studying abroad, as also the saying goes, is more like a life in a year than a year in a life. Students experience new cultures, religions, and will be able to see different parts of our world.

Serena Welland former exchange student admitted: “If you want to challenge yourself or just get away from the world, it can be the best thing you will ever do.”

Not only is being an exchange student an easy way to learn a foreign language and make new, lifelong contacts, it could change an individual’s life. When he finishes his exchange year and returns home, he will return with a great education, a new perspective on culture and language skills.


Barbara Simon, senior

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Letter to the Editor: The Reality of Being an Exchange Student