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Travel Opportunities with Neenah Without Borders

Q&A with Mr. Borchardt about 2025 summer trips
Neenah Without Borders
Photo by: Hayden Ahlswede
Neenah Without Borders

Bringing new opportunities for students, Neenah Without Borders plans ahead for the 2025 summer with an informational meeting scheduled on Feb. 7 to expose students to travel options.  

Q:  What if I cannot make the meeting?

A: If unable to make the informational meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 7,  email Mr. Brian Borchardt and he will provide necessary information. He urges students to get informed and involved!

The 2024 summer Neenah Without Borders is visiting Thailand with Mr. Borchardt, Iceland with Mr. Michael Babbitts, and Mrs. Deb Gauthier and Mr. Chris Rundquist are going to a few European countries. Ms. Lisa Dorschner will be going to Spain. 

2025 has a ton of new opportunities for students to enjoy during the summer. 

First off there will be a service trip to Rwanda, Africa. 

Mr. Brian Borchardt, an alternative education teacher at Neenah High School, gave a greater understanding of the importance of the trip to Rwanda. 

Q: What should I know about a trip to Rwanda?

A: “I just believe service is huge, so being able to, a little bit different then some of the trips where I call them, sometimes you’re going to be visiting a lot of museums or places. We are going to be actually working in communities with people in Rwanda on service projects that they come up with,” Borchardt said. 

The Trip to New Zealand and Australia with Gauthier and Rundquist is unique. Because these two places are below the equator, it is winter and allows for a different experience in the aspects of culture. 

Borchardt gives a great description of what this trip really is for students who go calling it:  “A trip of a lifetime.” 

There is also a trip to Italy with Dorcshner where the uniqueness comes in the context of art and culture. This trip also involves a lot of food that students will be able to enjoy while visiting. 

Mrs. Jen Hager and Mrs. Kaitlyn Lammers will be exploring England. This trip is for students interested in English Literature and possibly wanting to go into a field in English or for students who want to see places like London. 

Students and their families are allowed to enjoy these amazing trips that are being offered. 

Q: What makes this opportunity for students so special?

Borchardt put a great deal of emphasis on what this opportunity holds for students. 

“I just always say this when I talk to students: I said that travel just makes you cool. I mean it just, if you’re going to put yourself in a situation where all things are equal, whether it be college essays or whether it be a job, you can say ohh I spent the summer in Thailand or I spent the summer you know 14 days in Europe on a student trip. You know those things have context to be able to enhance your standings so to speak . . . I can tell you that not one student that I have traveled with ever came back and wished they never went. It is always one of them saying that it was the best time I ever had,” he said.

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    Tess BrazeeMar 13, 2024 at 2:53 PM

    This story is so helpful to know more details about these oportunities.