Satellite Wins Awards at NEWSPA 2024

One for the books . . .
2024 Journalism & Satellite Members
2024 Journalism & Satellite Members

The Satellite went on another trip to the Reeve Memorial Union for NEWSPA ’24, with a total of 16 participants comprising both Satellite and journalism class members. The day commenced with a slightly deterred bus ride, but they made it 10 minutes before the end of check-in time.

With spirits remaining high they divided between the two first sessions consisting of:

Group Awaiting First Session (Photo by: Ava Yoblonski)

Photography with Dr. Timothy Gleason

Interviews with Dr. Vince Filak

After gaining knowledge between the two first sessions the group reconvened, with excitement about the upcoming awards ceremony.

Yet there were two additional learning sessions between the ceremony which included:

Social Media with Dr. Timothy Gleason

First Amendment with Dr. Benjamin Birkinbine

Once the last two sessions were over, the group gathered to get seats for the awards starting at 11 a.m. Patiently waiting, the group geared up to hear the results!

Plankey Being Awarded for Her Commitment to UWO’s Board of Directors (Photo by: Ava Yoblonski)

Introductions began where Mrs. Beth Plankey club adviser, was recognized for her commitment to the NEWSPA’s Board of Directors. Through kind words, and tearful thanks. It was a moment of pure appreciation, in a place where hard work was recognized. Among both staff and students, in deserving awards and gifts of hard work performed.

Post the award given to Plankey, they began the awards for Large School News Publications.



The Satellite (website) earned blue-ribbon honors for its publication!

Plankey noted that the staff worked hard to advance journalism skills, such as interviewing, photography, and editing this year.

“I am so pleased with the leadership modeled by Ava and Jack. The staff was dedicated to growing their journalistic skills and engaging their readers,” Plankey said.

Whilst all participants acquired feedback on contest submissions from judges who have those jobs in the real world, awards allow individuals to take home a certificate and pride for their work.

Neenah Awards List Per Section:

Stories that Inspire Potential Change

4 Place: Cole Johnson & Carter Epley

5 Place: Will Radies

Academic/Class Related News Story

Honorable Mention: Annika Searles

Honorable Mention: Chloe Sieman

News Story Sports

5 Place: Marissa Derouso

Feature Story – Entertaining

3 Place: Elise Hendrickson

Honorable Mention: Jack Morrissey

Feature Story – News Based

Honorable Mention: Reese Martin

Feature Story – Sports

Honorable Mention: Will Radies & Kayla Rodriguez


2 Place: Kayla Rodriguez

3 Place: Satellite Staff

Column – Humourous 

2 Place: Elise Hendrickson

3 Place: Chloe Sieman

Column – Serious

3 Place: Sarah Hoffman

Honorable Mention: Annika Searles

Column – Sports

2 Place: Charlie Wunderlich


1 Place: Owen Blenker

In-Depth Reporting I

1 Place: Foreign Exchange Profiles by students of journalism

2 Place: Will Radies & Justin Janssen


1 Place: Ava Yoblonski

2 Place: Ava Yoblonski

Editorial Cartoons 

1 Place: Riley Goodson

Comic Strips

2 Place: Ava Yoblonski


2 Place: Ava Yoblonski

3 Place: Jack Morrissey

Page Design Layout

4 Place: Ava Yoblonski

Honorable Mention: Ava Yoblonski

Photo Illustration

1 Place: Brianna Ankerson

2 Place: Nigel Thao


1 Place: Kaitlyn Spilski

4 Place: Brianna Ankerson

News Photo

4 Place: Kaitlyn Spilski

5 Place: Morgan Grosek

Feature Photo

5 Place: Justin Janssen

Honorable Mention: Elise Hendrickson

Essay & Series Photo

2 Place: Morgan Grosek

3 Place: Morgan Grosek

Open Photo

3 Place: Ava Yoblonski


1 Place: Ben Mainville & Liam Sieck

2 Place: Corban Ducommun & Jake Kachur


2 Place: Carter Epley

5 Place: Ava Yoblonski


1 Place: Kaitlyn Spilski

Site Design

2 Place: Ava Yoblonski & Jack Morrissey

Social Media

1 Place: Ava Yoblonski for Instagram

3 Place: Satellite Staff for X

News Video

2 Place: Fiona & Elise Hendrickson

4 Place: Ava Yoblonski

Feature Videos

1 Place: Grace Brazee & Owen Blenker

Sport Video

1 Place: Ava Yoblonski


1 Place: Hayden Ahlswede

Large School Not in Class

Blue Ribbon Honors: Neenah Satellite


Current Editors: Ava Yoblonski & Jack Morrissey with Adviser Mrs. Plankey (Photo by: Morgan Grosek)


For the future current leaders remain as follows with both Jack Morrissey and Ava Yoblonski as Co-Editors. But there will be changes to which the Satellite will adapt as Plankey retires, and change in leadership is due. Satellite staff has expressed they are interested to see how the future will unfold, for better or worse the Satellite will continue to progress to spread the news to  N.J.S.D.



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  • R

    Robert BarthellApr 17, 2024 at 10:24 PM

    Mrs. Plankey’s immeasurable contributions to running and maintaining the school newspaper over the past 30 years will most definitely be missed! She is truly one of a kind.

    Make note of using the stairs for the awards pictures every year from now on…