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Mini-torial: A domestic perspective

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  • The school is adding what is believed to be a new coffee shop in the Armstrong commons. This will be nice for students and the school environment.
  • The juniors are grateful that they received free ACT testing at the school rather than having to pay to take it in an unfamiliar location.
  • The University of Oklahoma responded well to a video of its now former fraternities singing a song filled with racial slurs. Two of the students were expelled, and University of Oklahoma president David Boren stated, “We don’t provide student services for bigots.” Overall, the situation was handled well by the university.
  • The NHS basketball team is doing well, both on the court and in the community. It is nice to see a successful school team that also gets involved with causes like the Phase Two event.
  • Neenah’s ACT schedule was good in comparison to some other schools. Rather than relocating classes and adding to confusion, Neenah opted to have a late start.
  • Many students are coming to school wearing shorts and tank tops, though we still feel it is a little chilly, seeing all the summer clothes is a good reminder that spring is finally here.
  • The construction in the commons is a hassle right now. Perhaps it would have been better to build during the summer.
  • There was a lack of communication to the juniors regarding the ACT testing. They were not told that they needed calculators, nor were they informed of other rules regarding water bottles and cell phones. Also, announcements stated that free lunch would be available, but this was apparently untrue.
  • On March 6, a 19-year-old man named Tony Robinson was fatally shot by a police officer in Madison. Robinson was unarmed when he was shot, and many are rightly questioning why lethal force was used in this situation.
  • There have been complaints about Neenah’s attendance policy lately. Some students say that it is difficult for them to have their illness related absences cleared by the school.
  • ISIS reportedly shared a video of a beheading on Twitter. ISIS has been using twitter lately to show their activities and recruit new members. Though Twitter has attempted to keep ISIS off of their site, the terror organization is vast and social media savvy enough to evade these efforts.
  • There still seems to be a problem with the high school’s announcement system. The audio quality remains the biggest issue with the Tuesday announcements. Students have a hard time hearing, so they miss information on school events that only get publicized during the announcements. This problem should be fixed, and the school should find more than one way of informing students about school activities.
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The student news site of Neenah High School
Mini-torial: A domestic perspective