Letter to Editor: Prom Venue Matters

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Dear Editor:  

Prom is supposed to be a sensational day – a day of creating memories! Some spend all day and some even months preparing for the big day. That is why this special event should never be held in a school cafeteria where Friday’s lunch Jell-O is still stuck to the floor.

“Prom,” a shortened word for promenade meaning the parading of guests at a formal party is actually an old American tradition.  According to Bustle.com, the practice of prom night in high schools dates back as early as the 1800s; although, photos and media coverage of it was not documented until the 1930s.

Prom is celebrated all over the nation; people spend days preparing.

Buying attire, getting their hair done, and even sometimes renting cars for the occasion. Seventeen.com says that midwest area families spend on average $218 to $515 dollars on prom. Imagine going through so much trouble only to go back to school and into the cafeteria.

Although the school can dress up the cafeteria and make it look decent it does not change that it is still a school cafeteria.

It is like winning a cruise, only to find out there is a catch. It is in a fisherman’s boat. It is bearable, but it is still disappointing.

According to howstuffworks.com prom represents something more than just a dance. It is the last hurrah before leaving high school. It is about creating golden memories because it is something that only juniors and seniors do, and I absolutely agree with the statement.

To juniors, it is celebrating that they are upperclassman. It is a rite of passage into maturity certainly a significant life event. For seniors as well, it is comparable to their last high school dance, which gives prom a certain nostalgic, melancholy feeling as seniors reflect on their high school experiences.

It is like watching the sunset knowing tomorrow is a new day, and there is no going back.

It is for this reason the prom should be treated with as much pomp and circumstance as graduation ceremonies. Holding prom in the cafeteria is disrespectful to the honorable event and simply unacceptable.

One concern might be money when considering relocating the prom to a more appropriate location. There is always the question of where is the money going to come from to fund this?

Although it seems like such a complex question, there are a few simple solutions. Money does not grow on trees; everyone knows this saying all too well, whether it be mom saying it or just hearing it on the streets.

One solution would be to raise money. I am sure I am not the only one who would be willing to sell stuff in order to have prom at a proper place. Not to mention that we pay to go to prom though it may not be enough to rent a place, but that money can also help take a step toward our goal.

It is pretty easy to start even all-unique- fundraising-ideas.com has given a few tips on how to start. Starting to make sure to take into the consideration of time before prom, how much time, and level of commitment. It then gives a few ways to plan it out such as figuring out the place first and how much that will cost, then look at the cost of decorations and food.

Even though there are many ways to raise money. People hear the cost, and it is like the world is ending. They do not take into account that it does not necessarily need to come from their pocket.

Though not everyone likes prom, it is important to give students that one special night, where we do not have to do homework, work, or worry about things. A night where we can feel infinite.

Drama may always be around, but prom is a night for fun whether it be with friends or a significant other and a proper venue will make that experience so much more special.

Maybe, even so, special that a lasting memory will be engraved within our hearts forever.


Arianna Robles, senior


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