A Toxic Town


It’s a place of toxic love of toxic life. Everyone is ‘different’ but shares the same future because they are all a bit too scared to take a risk.

It’s a toxic town. A town of hatred, of jealousy, of growing up too fast. A town of people trying to be everyone else and incapable of forgetting the past.

It’s a hell on earth for those who have experienced the other side of life. The independent side of life. The side that allows a person to be who they are. To stop racing around and start truly going far.

As one walks through a store, a school, or down a street, they become bluntly aware of a town with a lost future. A town containing so many hopeful people but lacking any sort of true humor.

People with passion, joy, intelligence, and good hearts. But they have no way to get out, there seems to be no way to get a new start.

No way to escape the unending cycle of parents and grandparents because everyone has the same future.

The future of a 9-5 they hate, kids whose mouths can’t be fed, a mom and dad constantly in debate.

People sick of trying to keep the teenage years even in adulthood. It’s a toxic town, with toxic people who seem no good.

But they are good. It’s the environment and mindset. It’s the lack of support they so desperately want to get.

Most don’t realize the polluted air but those who do escape. They catch on to reality, they get out and become something, someone before it’s too late.

Everyone is looking for a remedy but can only turn the toxic town into a toxic memory.