Staff Editorial: Picking Classes like a Professional


Satellite Staff

Many students find the holidays stressful between tests, buying gifts and shoveling driveways. Some, however, become refreshed upon receiving the opportunity to choose classes for the upcoming school year. Today, all freshmen, sophomores and juniors will report to assigned classrooms to be guided through the registration process. Over winter break, students are expected to mull over and choose courses for the 2018-’19 school year. For students without guidance from siblings or guardians, the Satellite staff compiled a list of favorite classes.

Emily Roberts (Composition for Journalistic Publication):

Composition for Journalistic Publication, commonly referred to as journalism class, is engaging from the first day of the semester until the last. While learning history and ethics of the press, students complete articles for the Satellite. Notably, journalism completes the Composition 12 graduation requirement; however, many students take it as an elective. The class constantly evolves to fit current events and shifting times. Undeniably, Mrs. Plankey’s expertise, caring nature, humor and hot chocolate parties make the class hard to shy away from.

Joshua Sturgell (Principles of Engineering):

If you enjoy a hands-on approach to learning and are in need of a practical art credit, consider taking PLTW Principles of Engineering (POE). Taught by Mr. Hendries, this laude class takes an in-depth look at mechanisms and simple machines. In addition, this class offers an introduction to programming using a basic coding software. No prior experience is required to take this two-semester class. After taking this class, you may find yourself interested in joining VEX robotics.

Claire Bruder (Health Careers 1):

I would suggest the Health Careers 1 class to anyone who has even a slight interest in the health field. I had Mrs. Winters and she engaged the class well with hands-on activities. She often invited guest speakers to come in and talk about their specific field. We were required to do a job shadow for this class, many students found interesting. Health Careers 1 is required in order to take the CNA class and get certified.

Bella Mullally (Chem Study):

I am currently taking Chem Study with Mrs. Dorner and am finding it fascinating and engaging. Many people who are taking chemistry chose to take the standard general chemistry class as chem study is rumored to be more difficult, as it is advanced. I, however, find the classwork to not only be manageable but only 20 minutes a night or less. Additionally, the new standards-based learning system in chem study worries some, but the new grading can greatly benefit the student while also holding them accountable to retain information… information that will be needed throughout the course. Chem study is definitely a challenge at times, but I encourage any student looking for more information to pursue the course.

Skylar Neuber (Creative Writing):

I took creative writing last year. I enjoyed it because it was very diverse and allowed people to explore their strengths and interests through both poetry and prose. Mrs. Drake’s teaching allowed for both fun and learning in an accepting environment. Creative writing works similar to journalism, as it counts for the Composition 12 requirement. I cannot recommend the class enough.

Grace Moss (Lifeguarding):

Since I began to swim at public pools, I have always looked up to the older kids and adults we fondly know as lifeguards. It was always important to follow the rules of the pool, to not only stay safe but to be in their good graces. After realizing that Neenah offered a lifeguarding class, I knew I had to take it! Taught by Mrs. Dohr, students become CPR satisfied, practicing every day with classmates and mannequins, learning many different skills. These skills are not only of the the technical aspect, but also include those of working with people, whether it be a victim of any age, emergency personnel, employers, and peers. They also dive (not literally) into the pool and have the ability to run scenarios and learn other skills to safely make saves. Lifeguarding may sound like it’s just to learn skills about saving people in the water, but there is much more to it than that. If you are interested in learning skills to keep those you love and others safe, this is the class for you!

Abbegayle Lane (Performing Arts):

Performing Arts Classes (Choir and Creative Drama): As a student who was not formally involved with singing and acting in high school until sophomore year, I found these classes very helpful as they boosted my confidence in my performance abilities. In choir, Ms. Westcott pushes each group to become stronger by helping with vocal placement and warm-ups to lengthen someone’s vocal range. In Creative Drama and Advanced Theatre Studies, Mrs. Dix helped me to see that I am talented no matter what other people say and she is very kind and encouraging to everyone in the class. Although she will not be teaching here anymore, the class still helps people break out of their shell and become more confident with themselves.

Frank Slavinsky (AP U.S. Government and Politics):

AP U.S. Government and Politics is a fantastic choice for a first AP class. The class offers the rigors of an AP class, while not causing too much strain. The class specifically covers the foundations of our government and then moves to discuss the branches and many subsets of our government as it is today. The information covered is relevant and leads to meaningful conversation, even if at times to a discord.

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