For the Tired Student

Elizabeth Gartland, Student Writer

Yeah life can get rough

Somedays you just want to give up

But on those days remember you are tough

On those days you might have to tell your brain to just shut up

Yeah there are definite mood killers

Times when you struggle to even move

But that’s when you have to grasp life’s thrillers

That is the time to find your new groove

The worst feeling is that of being tired

It’s like a lull of life, a silenced brain stuck between overdrive and dead

But it’s okay because eventually you will feel greatly inspired

Then you are able to think, to learn, to move full speed ahead, to be no longer brain dead

It’s easy to feel useless in society, to feel like a waste

It’s normal to be scared of the future, to wish it away in haste

Always remember, life’s most difficult moments can lead to great triumphs

Always remember to live life with success

But for now, close your eyes and take a rest

For those who are tired cannot be their very best