International Day: Superintendent Shares Her Love of Travel at Neenah Without Borders

Evan Miracle and Solon Ramos

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The opportunity to travel the world is becoming more and more open to students wishing to experience life outside of their own.

Dr. Mary Pfeiffer has been the Superintendent for the Neenah Joint School District since 2009. Aside from Pfeiffer’s love for the school district, another of her passions is travel. In anticipation of International Day — the Neenah Without Borders event takes place on Wednesday — Pfeiffer shared what travel means to her and why students should seek out opportunities for themselves.

During Pfeiffer’s travels, she has been able to experience cultures that were once foreign to her. More than exploring the natural beauty of the United States, the new societal structures in countries in Thailand, or even Vietnam.

For students, many times the opportunities to travel are there for them. Often times with a more affordable price than once graduated.

After Pfeiffer’s senior year of high school, she was asked to play on an all-star basketball team in Amsterdam. This was the first time she was able to leave the country; in turn, it kick-started her love for travel.

Being out of her comfort zone and nation also led to experiencing new things for the first time.

“First thing off the bus in Amsterdam, we stumbled right into a punk rock concert!”

Being back in the ’80s, Pfeiffer had never heard or seen the culture around not only the country she was in but the new music as well.

It is experiences like these that lead Pfeiffer and many others to love traveling and participating in trips around the world. With the Neenah Without Borders event coming up, she advises students to take the opportunities that are there. Even if a student is not certain, these opportunities will not always be that available and can impact someone’s life and an outlook for long past the time he or she lands back at home.

Here is the schedule for Neenah Without Borders:

Wednesday, Oct. 17
1st Mod


Why travel? Why now? Find out how it can change your life and the lives of others!

Dr. Mary Pfeifer will share her insights from years of international travel.

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Lessons learned living out of a backpack.

Bethany Schumacher class of ‘08 brings an empathetic global perspective on her travels to more than 20 countries. She has actually lived in four of those countries.

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NHS Foreign Exchange Students

Emha Ismaulidin (Fudhol) from Indonesia  

Tatia Bitsadze from Georgia

They will give a unique perspective on their cultures compared with life in the United States.

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B/C Class


Student Language Immersion trip to Panama during the summer of 2018

Several NHS students will share the experiences they had while being immersed within the Panamanian culture. They were able to stay with host families and use their Spanish speaking skills.

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Neenah Graduate to World Traveling as a Career

Jenny Johnson class of ‘14 returns to Neenah to share her experiences since graduating. She has learned many things about life since taking a job with EF- Educational Tours. Through the gift of travel and stepping outside of her comfort zone, she has had some amazing experiences and hopes to inspire students to do the same.  

7th Mod


The Beautiful and Diverse People of Latin America by Brooke Hatten

Traveling has caused me to open my eyes and ears; to better understand myself, to acquire a broader perspective in order to better appreciate others, and has ultimately compelled me to see the world as a global citizen who desires to make a difference in this world.


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International Day: Superintendent Shares Her Love of Travel at Neenah Without Borders