Student Leader Aims to Help Peers

Jami Fofana and Maddy Zitzelsberger

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Revving up the crowd, senior Grace Moss, stands in front of 1,500 of her peers and showcases her impact on the student body during the Homecoming assembly.

A week later, prior to a busy day of classes, Moss sits down to reflect on Homecoming week. She seems bubbly and attentive, dressed in a commanding red coat. She appears to fit right in her role at the school.

Moss’s goals since the beginning of her high school career have been to help other students and get to know as many of them as possible. She joined student council freshman year. Since then Moss has moved up the ranks to be elected a senior class representative.

Through student government, Moss hopes to create a link between the student body and the administration.

I don’t think that there should be a dividing line,” Moss explains.

She highlights that the student body may not be completely to the point of realizing the student government is there to help them and not stand  over them.

Additionally, the more open the relationship among Moss and her peers are the more solutions can be developed alongside the administration. Moss and the rest of the student government are just that — students. They are in the same boat as everyone else.

Social media is another place Moss is active in order to inform the student body. As the Social Media Editor for the Satellite, Moss uses the platform to connect with students.

Digital messages and Moss are like a funnel, quickly and effectively spreading messages. While platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can be efficient, they are not completely effective because not all students use social media.

Still, it is a helpful way to further the essential alliance between the student body and student government.

Clearly, Moss’s goals since the beginning of her high school career have come full circle as she continues to help other students and represents them in student government.

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