Senior Hangs her Artwork Outside of the Cafeteria


Lion, giraffe and rhino canvases, created by senior Jenna Beyer, greet students outside the cafeteria.

Drew Karle, Student of Journalism

Three animals prints, created by a student of art, add to the recent changes in the hallways of NHS.

Last year, senior Jenna Beyer, took almost a whole semester to paint three animal canvases for her interior design class, which are now hung up outside of the cafeteria.

A big project for a petite girl can come off intimidating; however to Beyer, a painting is like a book, they both tell a story except one is written with a paint brush and the other with a pencil.

“I just really have gotten to love and appreciate art more. I like being challenged,” Beyer admits.

One picture is worth a thousand words. This is no different for Beyer’s animal canvases, which all have secret meanings behind them.

The lion represents leadership and strength. Beyer connects this meaning to Neenah High School by explaining the lion is a representation of Rocket/school pride. The giraffe in the painting is stretching his neck beyond his highest potential, like how students stress past their limits all the time to achieve their goals. Finally, the rhino is a reminder for students to keep a balance between everything in life as well as to stay responsible and smart throughout the school year.

According to Beyer, painting the animals was exciting. The road of creation lead Beyer down a bumpy trail with numerous fun twists. Beyer’s teacher from that year, Ms. Emma Santiago, admired Beyer, because she knew how long and tedious the process feels.

Santiago explained Beyer’s process:  “She began sketching out the geometric shapes that she thought would translate her ideas the best. Then she colored them in and created her idea for the color scheme that she thought would work the best as well. Once she had the idea finalized, she enlarged her images, projected them onto the wood, drew them on with pencil and then began the very long and tedious painting process.”

Although it took almost a whole semester to complete this project, Santiago could not have been prouder with the final result. After asking permission from Principal Brian Wunderlich, Beyer was granted permission to hang up her artwork this year.

According to Caravan Galleries, paintings need to be protected by glass, or a special seal, so the artwork does not fade, or get ruined over time; therefore, the art department will be sealing up Beyer’s canvases as well as posting the meanings of all the animals by Beyer’s art.

Beyer is currently working on three projects, the senior mural, a chair for an upcoming auction, and a painting of left and right brain for a project in Mr. Benjamin McDonald’s class.

Beyer has a full palate; however, the projects are not a chore for Beyer to do, because to Beyer, art is more than a hobby. It is a passion!