Editorial: Apple, Better or Worse

Editorial: Apple, Better or Worse

Mason Jones, Student of Journalism

Apple products have been a staple in many homes, classrooms, and pockets for decades. Apple products are one of the most popular brand of phone, computer, music device and more. Many people have varying opinions on their products, more specifically those who have Samsung and Android products. This “feud” can be see in many varying media sources, one example would be Instagram, where various memes and posts tease android phones for lower screen and picture quality.

Apple products are of a higher quality and are more effective than their counterparts.

Apple products have been around since before most teenagers today were alive. The first apple product was the Macintosh computer in 1976. This computer was large and bulky and was unlike the portable laptops of today. When the Macintosh came out not many people had access to the Internet in their homes, so it revolutionized the way people connected to the world. The Mac’s of today have gotten significantly smaller and are able to do much more such as play games, do schoolwork, and find any information one may need for any purpose.

The first Apple iPod was created in 2001. It was a bit smaller than the iPhone that would come out in the future and it was much thicker, almost half an inch. As Apple proceed through the years, the iPod went through multiple generations and changes. There was the original 5G iPod and following that there was the 2G, 3G, Mini and 4G. These were all similar and included the same features throughout the five. Containing  small screen, circular button and the same dock charging system. It was not until 2005 when they lost their screens and became smaller and more manageable. The iPod made it possible to listen to music on the go in a much more convenient way before music could be made available through one’s phone.

Arguably the most influential Apple product would be the iPhone. The history of the iPhone displays the history and the progression of technology in the past eleven years. The first iPhone was released in 2007 containing only four buttons and a touch screen, the ability to access the Internet, and the ability to purchase useful apps and fun games for the phone. It created a new wave of technology. The iPhone only progressed from there, getting slightly larger and thinner, improving the camera and screen quality and bringing new features. The iPhone 5 brought touch ID, the iPhone 7 and 8 brought better cameras and the iPhone X revolutionized smartphones. With its many features such as a full screen covering the phone, a camera with 10x zoom, OLED screen, faster processing and face ID removing the need for passwords. The iPhone has greatly improved in 10 years and shows how intelligent we are as a species and how far we have come to make our world as revolutionary as it can be.

Apple products are higher quality and more effective than their counterparts. The apple products began in 1976 with a bulky large computer able to access basic internet and play basic games and ended with smaller laptops in 2018. The iPhone has grown greatly with waterproof and shatterproof technology to lengthen the lies of our devices. Our phones can now recognize our faces as the owners of the product and can take nearly professional photos. Apple has revolutionized the way our world works and has allowed us to access information we never would have known in the past 40 years and it will only continue to advance in the future. Apple has enhanced our world, and we can never go back.