Souls in the Street


Claire Bruder, Photographer

Man atop Montparnasse Tower–one of the tallest buildings in Paris.
A flock of pigeons surround an elderly man sleeping against a lamp post in Paris.
A young girl fishing on Lake Winnebago.
A man in support of Planned Parenthood amidst the Appleton Farmer’s Market.
Man and woman walking through the Appleton Farmer’s Market.
Two men embrace next to a crepe stand outside of The Louvre.
Lone man in a cafe in Paris.
American artist on the streets of Paris.

Beauty exists everywhere, especially in places that you would least expect it.

Claire Bruder is a true believer in unexpected beauty, and that is why she carries her camera nearly everywhere she goes. In this series, Bruder captures the embodiment of beauty on the street, where she photographs passersby doing what most people would consider normal, every day things. To the photographer, however, these “normal” people are captivating, and each one of them entails something unique. While some of the photos are taken in her rural hometown, others are captured in the heart of Paris, France.