Neenah Student Attends School for Three Hours a Day


Senior Emma Sullivan will be attending Kansas University with an intended major in Elementary Education.

Sydney Raber, Student of Journalism

Every day, senior Emma Sullivan comes to school knowing a secret.

She is done with her day at 10:45 a.m.

Her daily schedule includes three classes: Statistics and probability, glass and creative forms II, and education practicum.

She expresses that this schedule fits her:  “I have more balance in my life and it has improved my mental health drastically. It was really hard to go to school for seven hours, then go to work for 3 hours. “

She is happy with the decision to shorten her schedule and do what makes her happy.

While she did not think graduating early is an option, she wants to keep a math class to keep her brain strong.

When picking the other classes she chooses, a creative option and a  practical option as she values observing and participating inside a Coolidge Elementry School classroom.

When Emma is done with school, she goes a local nursing home and works from 24-32 hours a week!

On the days she does not work, she helps out her mom with picking up her younger siblings from school and sports. She likes her schedule because she does not feel she has too much free time on her hands.

Emma will be attending Kansas University with an intended major in Elementary Education. She connects with KU to make sure she is eligible to attend college in the fall of 2019, and the university has no issues with her schedule changes.

KU is like Emma’s home away from home, and she could not see herself going to any other school.

Overall, this “secret” of shorted days is not advertised and when students are able to have short days, like Emma, students can have more flexibility with finding a job, and not being overwhelmed and stressed all the time with school work; thus experiencing better mental and physical health.