A Letter to the Freshmen

Elizabeth Gartland, Student Contributor

To Whom It May Concern:


High school. You walk the halls and look around.

With others you try to find comfort

High school may start with a bit of discomfort

Maybe you don’t yet know where you belong

Maybe you find your smile in a frown

Or maybe you’re alive with energy

Your number of friends is plenty.

High school is scary. High school is temporary.

You will make it out okay.

Whether your friends are plenty or your heart is empty.

You will make it out okay


To Whom It May Concern:


You went out with friends, you wanted to have fun

So your homework isn’t yet done

You woke up late and find yourself in a run

You can’t quite make it to class on time

Your parents are angry you were late

Oh great! You messed up again?! They say.

“Why can’t you be like your sister or brother

Don’t you see how upset you’ve made mother

You must never be marked late”

You’re already feeling the self hate

Thinking why can’t I be good enough?’

Why does life, does school have to be so tough?’

You beat yourself up.

You lose a bit of pride.

You forget there are others by your side.

Never are you alone. Never should you feel weak to the bone.

You are loved and you are worthy.

It is natural to worry, but do not be discouraged

Instead find your mind nourished and you will flourish.


To Whom It May Concern:

12:30 am. This paper is great . . . kind of

Your teachers assigned so much work

But you had stuff after school, you were busy

And now you lie in bed feeling a bit dizzy

Overwhelmed with life with school

Feeling like a fumbling fool

And in class your head nods down

Your eyelids drop as you doze off

To your friends you seem a bit off

Not really talking, just listening

You go home only to see your eyes glistening

Glistening with tears, drop one drop two

Quickly you wipe your eyes.

Now is not the time to cry.

It will be okay. High school is rough.

But know you are enough and don’t give up.

Find a person, a reason, a motivation.

You will make it through

Others did and so can you.


To Whom It May Concern:


You are happy, content.

Grades are up to par

It’s because you’ve working hard

Your friends are supportive and loving

School is a joy and here you are discovering

Discovering your passions and goals

Picking up various leadership roles

Seeming to have life quite under control

Keep up the great work

But don’t be nonstop like clockwork

Take a moment to rest and then carry on to be your best

If you find yourself needing a break stop and take one

This will help and once you are done take a deep breath

Realize life has just begun

Know there is a strong future ahead of you

Know you are never alone even if the numbers are few

Find it within yourself to create the brand new

Be proud, be bold, be strong, be spectacular you

Know that with self love and confidence it can be hard to go wrong


To Whom It May Concern:


You haven’t been paying attention

You are lacking any sort of comprehension

Sit up straight and listen to me when I say you’re great

Words are beautiful and have meaning

But they also hold power to be demeaning

When you open your mouth know words can hurt

Be kind and use your words to maybe compliment a person’s sweatshirt

Listen to me when I say you are worthy

You are strong and yes you will do wrong

But today I tell you it will be okay

The sun will rise for another day

And the world will rotate on

Sometimes you will feel lost

Lost in life, lost in school

There will be times you don’t know what’s going on

Remember we are here for you, remember your peers

Know that we can help conquer your fears

You are loved and you are worthy

You are beautiful and you are handsome

We believe in you, and know you are brilliant

So with all your might please stay resilient




The Concerned and Loving