Placement in December

Elizabeth Gartland, Student Contributor

Home in December is a time for the grown to fly and drive home

A time for the snow to blow cold

And a time to slide back into the family mold

The mold that wears smiles and works well together

Each member holding a heart with the weight of a feather

Never showing the public the tether which forcingly binds them together


December comes and they have no home

People left feeling alone

Left without a warm bed feeling sad within their own head

Their family has passed or they can’t fill their car with gas as they are running low on cash

Or sitting on the streets, a view of only trash

Never getting the warm water draining down their back

Instead resting their head on a dirty alley wall to take a nap

Dreaming of a shower and the day they find power

Power to find the home in December, not the materialistic kind

But the kind that allows them to not be defined by the opportunities they cannot find

Sure some are pure lazy but others dream of yellow sun daisies

They dream of a future and strive to feel alive, it is their life they wish to revive


There is a gap in society, restraining social classes from overlap

A part of society that doesn’t care for the relapse

Or the desperate single mother about to collapse from exhaustion

A part of society ignoring the overwhelming angst

Of the teenage girls squeezing into their Spanx

Of the father and mother focused on their banks

And the brother fighting for sport ranks

But instead shows the beautiful picture of a happy brother and sister


A child squeals with glee and shouts yipee!

As they hop off the lap of a man in a red suit.

Hearing the lovely December music of a beautiful flute

Float through the rooms of women ensuring they are neatly groomed

Groomed with their hair all pretty and their nails all glittery

Their smiles polite despite the children running in circles at their feet


Home in December is chilling to the bone

As we find ourselves in the cold

Carolers singing to the old in a nursing home

School on hold for the holidays allowing the children to frolic and play

December is a home to fear

Fear of the New Year

Some not knowing if their job is secure or if they need reside in yet another beer

You see for some the holidays bring hope, but for others it becomes hard to cope

They fall down a slippery slope maybe resorting to some form of dope


But stop. Listen.

Don’t think I don’t see your eyes glisten

Glisten with tears maybe, glisten with fears likely

But listen. Here I stand before you.

Not in a sad way but in a way that encourages you to try again another day

Listen to me when I tell you it will all be okay

Listen to me when I tell you to watch the little children play


December is home to warm hearts

And even when the cold departs

You can always find a new start

Do not fear but instead come near and hear the message

Know you are loved and know you are worthy

Smile when you see the December snow flurry

Do not rush life with a hurry, but grab society and dismiss it

Be who you are and you will go far

December may not be home for all but that is why we are blessed too with spring, summer, and fall