Options for P.E. Credits: Athletes Share Perspectives

Sydney Raber, Student of Journalism

Athletes will be able to have more options for completing their 1.5 credits for physical education.

In recent meetings, the Neenah Board of Education pushed to allow student-athletes who participate in school athletics use these athletics to count toward their P.E. credit for graduation. Neenah offers 22 varsity sports, according to N.J.S.D. website, and this new credit option will be in effect for the 2019-’20 school year.

Senior Grace Moss, a student not participating in varsity sports, said, “I think it definitely seems fair when everything balances out. My only concern will be everything falling into place since it is only the first year doing this.”

While next year will be the first year athletics will count for a P.E. class, there will probably be issues along the way. Junior Ben Ramaeker (boys’ swimming) expressed fears related to class offerings and participation.  He speculates that many athletes participate in upper-level P.E. classes, and they may not be as popular anymore.

“There are probably going to be many benefits to this change, but I am worried P.E. classes might be diminished due to the lack of students in classes,” Ramaeker said.  

Some, the underclassmen feel this is a great opportunity to “kill two birds with one stone.”  Sophomore Samantha Raber (girls’ volleyball) thinks having after school athletics count toward their P.E. credit is a good idea, but she has reservations too.

“I think this is an overall great idea, but I feel coaches will feel obligated to pay more attention to the drills they have in practice to accommodate the requirements that are needed to be met in P.E. classes,” Raber said.

Having students athletics count toward their P.E. credit seems logical, and an effective way for students have to take more classes they want to, there are also various other benefits such as: students having more time to get homework done, more participation in school athletics, less stress trying to fit a P.E. credit in schedules according to mugsmedia.com.

Students are interested and willing to try this new change coming to Neenah next year.