Changes to P.E. Credit Q & A


Sophia Tesch, Student of Journalism

For the 2019-’20 school year, NHS students have the opportunity to substitute a physical education credit by participating in sports. Not all sports count, certain criteria exists.

This new P.E. credit replacement is like a complex highway system, and many questions about it exist. To help with the confusion, here are 10 common questions that students may have about the new P.E. credit replacement program.


Q: Is this rumor or is it true?

A: Although it was circulating prior to Board of Education confirmation, it is true — certain P.E. classes will count for a P.E. credit. During their school career, students can replace one P.E. credit by participating in certain sports. The .5 P.E. credit must be replaced with an additional .5 English, social studies, mathematics or science credit.

Q: What sports will count for P.E. credit?

A: Only certain sports count for the P.E. credit. Information can be found on the registration website (found on the NHS homepage, on the side bar, labeled course guide) or in the infographic above.

Q: Will active lifestyles still be required?

A: Yes, active lifestyles will be required for students who want to take a P.E. class in the future.

Q: Is there some type of form I have fill out?

A: Yes, the form can be found here and in the guidance offices.

Q: Where can I go to find information on this?

A: Information can be found in the guidance offices and on the registration website.

Q: Who do I contact if I need to talk with someone about the this?

A: If students have questions they can talk with their guidance counselor or Associate Principal Tim Kachur.

Q: What if I am in a sport can I still take a P.E. class?

A: Yes, student athletes can still participate in P.E. class.

Q: If I do more than one sport a year, does it count for two P.E. credits?

A: No, this alternative will only count for one P.E. credit total throughout students’ high school careers.

Q: Are there going to be less options offered for P.E. classes with this new program?

A: The same P.E. classes that have be offered in the past will still be offered for students in the future.

Q: What happens if I get injured or coded and I do not play for the whole season?

A: If a student has a code violation during the season they will not be eligible for the P.E. replacement. If a student gets injured or has an extended illness a plan will be made with their family, administration, and the coach so the student could possibly fill the requirement.  

*All responses confirmed by counselor Marcy Bauman and administrator Tim Kachur.