Digital Learning from the Eye of an Administrator


Jesus Mora, Student of Journalism

N.J.S.D. battled a harsh winter opponent who uses snow, wind and bitter cold temperatures to force the cancellation of school. In response, the district decided to strike back with its own strategy for snow days, digital learning.

Digital learning has started to be implemented into all classrooms for snow days. The idea has been a hot topic for not only students but teachers and parents also. Many support the change while some despise it.

Associate Principal Tim Kachur believes that digital learning is a good base for education.

Digital learning is an important component of a well-rounded education.”

Digital learning is something that has been on the district’s mind for a while and is now starting to take off as others are starting to take notice as illustrated in local news coverage.

Although problems with the execution, issues such as WiFi and usage of hot spots exist, communication of expections and access continue to improve and address needs.

In contrast, no issue with the staff ideas for assignments or general learning to give students on digital learning days exists.

“Our staff has handled digital learning very effectively. They have been asked to make some major adjustments to their preparation, planning, and execution and they have continued to show the ability to adapt to these needs and create meaningful learning opportunities for our students.”

As digital learning becomes the norm in response to snow days, perhaps its novelty within the learning community will disappear.

Kachur noted that the feedback he received has been positive.

The biggest question remaining is whether or not the days will be added to the year.

Again, Kachur confirmed — no; thus N.J.S.D. is status quo in terms of the school calendar.

He explained that the feedback and amount of participation have helped secure that approval the digital learning days to count as normal school days instead of adding the days to the end of the year.

Digital learning is still fairly new to N.J.S.D., but overtime it will be more refined and accepted as everyone starts to get accustomed to it.