Underclassmen Offer Insight: Hot Lunch Propaganda

Cafeteria Insider


Bella Brackin, Student of Journalism

Opinion:  The perspective of underclassmen matters.

Offering opinion as fact is exactly what propaganda is.

Fact:  NHS has A, B and C lunch, which are each about 30 minutes long.

Lunches are always packed and chaotic as every student is trying to get their food together, so they can sit down to eat before the next class.

Underclassmen know that it can be hard to find a spot at lunch, or even get food at a reasonable time, which leads to students avoid even going to the lunch room.

Neveah Caballero is a freshman who takes hot lunch everyday. She said that she gets the same thing everyday, as she does not like many of the options that are given to her.

Caballero wishes there was more variety, and more options out there for kids with allergies, or people who are vegan/vegetarian, etc.

If there was one thing Caballero could change, it would most likely be the options of the school lunches.

“I always get the pre-packaged sandwiches, and I always end up picking the meat off because I am not a big fan of meat, but I don’t really have many other options for me to eat during lunch,” she said.

Next, Kaya Boettcher is a sophomore who brings a packed lunch from home everyday. She prefers this because she does not really like any of the options that they have to offer in the cafeteria, except the pizza dippers.

Boettcher does enjoy being able to sit with my friends at lunch, though it can sometimes take a long time to settle in and finally being able to eat and talk to people because of long lines or having to heat up your food, etc.

“The only thing that I would really change about the school lunches, is to make them longer. I believe it would be a lot better for all the students here and we would actually be able to have time to eat,” Boettcher said.

Clearly, the opinions expressed here reflect a need for change within the lunchroom.