NHS Community Purchases Nine New Display Cases


Social studies teacher Mr. Chris Rundquist was motivated to launch the shadow box project. It is inspired by other schools in the Fox Valley to demonstrate the diversity of extracurricular offerings at NHS.

Kaitlyn Nelson, Student of Journalism

The NHS community purchased nine new display cases, and they will be arriving in the next couple of weeks, which adds to the 12 existing cases in the link.

The shadow boxes (display cases) evolved through models, discussion, finance and progressive purchases.

Last year, Mr. Chris Rundquist (social studies teacher) and (juniors) Kaitlyn Nelson and Trevor Marquardt were motivated to launch the shadow box project. They are inspired by other schools in the Fox Valley that have them, and the diversity they radiate.

“I was inspired by the lack of knowledge that our students have on the variety of organizations at Neenah High School,” Rundquist said.

Organizers began with a trip to Appleton North High School to get pictures and measurements for the proposal to Principal Brian Wunderlich and Superintendent Mary Pfeiffer.

After discussion with both, administration created a way to provide funding to get the project initiated. Anxiously Rundquist and the students waited for the 12 boxes to arrive,  they debated on who were the first to receive the boxes.

Currently, Neenah High School features — 22 varsity sports and over 40 clubs. This task was a nightmare until the decision was made to highlight what would be the current season for the sports and begin with larger clubs.

The shadow boxes are hung down the link to display Neenah’s clubs and sports: forensics and football, volleyball and vintage, soccer and SALT. Boxes showcase content including:  schedules, contacts, awards and how to get involved.

Rundquist observed: “Students walk past them everyday sometimes more than once and they notice them. We think kids are connected through electronics, but sometimes the old school way works the best.”

The goal of the shadow boxes is for students to learn how to get involved.

According to Crimson Education, an article elaborates on the “Top 7 Benefits of Extracurriculars For High School Students” these include: improved academic performance, higher self esteem, teachable life skills for the future, beneficial breaks, interests exploration, and enhanced social opportunities. School becomes home for students, and an activity exists for everyone.

Positive feedback came from the first round of the shadow boxes; many people such as coaches and advisers were asking for one. From the demand of having a display box, multiple organizations booster clubs donated funds to have a permanent one.

Presently with the new purchase, boxes total 21.

At this point in the vision, Rundquist and Nelson will look to the future for each club and sport at Neenah to have one of their own and a plaque above them with their title.