Arts Education and the Effects on NHS

Maddie Nail, Student of Journalism

Walking into NHS and roaming throughout the halls, one will be able to see all of the art pieces students have created to decorate the walls. Students love having their art hung up around the school, and are proud to show off their pieces.

Lisa Dorschner, art teacher, helps create many of the p

ieces with students in her classes. 

“Students are more excited than ever to make the school more beautiful, and those are the kind of projects I want to focus on because it gives them lots of opportunities that they need,” Dorschner said.

These art projects really give students a sense of self and a boost of confidence.  

Recently, ceramics students created a mural inspired by Spain’s architecture. It pictures a sun made out of broken ceramic pieces with several 4 by 4 ceramic squares on the surrounding walls, set upon a light blue background. The color scheme and glazing designs were inspired by Antonio Gaudi, one of Spain’s famous Architects.

Different points of view can be expressed through art, creating a whole arr

ay of unique pieces that tell a story.

Art is as important to one’s education as any other class, and it has many social benefits as illustrated in research done by Brian Kisida, and Daniel H. Bowen — New Evidence of the Benefits of Arts Education.

Dorschner has done a great job at involving her students in her art classes by engaging them in projects that can actually make a difference, in this case, making NHS a brighter and better place.