N.J.S.D. Election for Hydroponics Units in Classrooms


To help the district obtain the "Opal Apples Youth Make a Difference" grant, please go to opalapples.com/vote.

Emilee Wise, Editor-in-Chief

N.J.S.D. is a finalist in the “Opal Apples Youth Make a Difference” grant, worth  $75,000.

The grant is awarded to young leaders taking on big environmental topics such as food security, nutrition, agriculture, food politics and education.

If awarded the grant, N.J.S.D. would purchase hydroponics units and supplies from Fork Farms, a local business based in Appleton.

With the hydroponic units placed in classrooms throughout the district, students would gain tactile experiences with vital skills such as indoor gardening, farming, and botany, resulting in the best part of hydroponic units– fresh produce all year round.

To help the district obtain the “Opal Apples Youth Make a Difference” grant, Please go to opalapples.com/vote.

First, enter your e-mail address.  Then, scroll down to find “Neenah Joint School District” and hit “vote.”  Lastly, scroll back up to where you entered your e-mail address and hit “submit.” 

Votes may be cast once per day until May 31.

After voting, a screen will appear, showing the respective number of each vote.  The following milestones will win prizes:

The 4,000th vote (prize = $20 gift card)
The 5,000th vote (prize = $40 gift card)
The 8,000th vote (prize = $50 gift card)
The 10,000th vote (prize = $75 gift card)
The 15,000th vote (prize = $100 gift card)
The 20,000th vote (prize = $150 gift card)

If your vote happens to fall on one of these milestones, take a screenshot of your vote number and stop in the main office to pick up your prize.

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