Prom Music Review: Okay Music with Slow Transitions

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Prom. The event everyone awaits.  Planning includes:  getting dresses or suits, buying tickets and finding a date. It is the talk for months in advance. Questions fill the air.  “What does your dress look like?  Who are you going with? Do you have dinner plans yet?”  Just a few of the questions that float around the school leading up to the dance.

Prom took place on May 4. After everyone was done checking out Prom pictures on Instagram and Facebook, they talked about if they had fun or not. The thing most talked about is how they thought the music was.

Clearly, the music it what makes a dance, a dance. Everyone needs music to get their groove on. What music is played could possibly make or break the night.

My personal opinion of the music is just okay. It was not great but not awful. Overall I do have to say they did the good job playing a wide variety of songs. The oldies, new hit songs and a few slow songs in between.

There was a good variety of songs, and they got better at the night went on but I felt the transitions were a little slow.

There would often be dead space between the songs where there was no music. Because of the slow transitions, it took a little for people to figure out what the song was, so people had to stop dancing to listen from what song was coming next.

The dance reaction to the songs was a little slow. Often people spend more time talking through the songs then dancing to them.

Lastly I felt that the songs were too long. I felt that for songs longer than three minutes could of been shortened. I kept on thinking “ok let’s move on the the next song” for most of the night.

I am not the only one who was not a huge fan if the music. On the Satellite a poll was posted with the question “How was the music at Prom?” As of Friday, 50 people voted. The highest vote was a tie. “Was not great but I still danced” was tied with “I did not go.” There was a few votes for “Great, the best its ever been!” but only five votes went there. Overall the poll shows that most people agree that the music was only okay.

I suggest that during the next school dance, they need to ask the students for suggestions. Possibly an elected student representative could talk with the DJ’s, so there is more student voice on what is being played.

There were a good variety of songs, and they did get better as the night went on, but the transitions were slow, the dance reactions were not always the greatest and the songs went on for too long.

In the end, I may of not entirely like the music at prom, but I had a fun night. In the end it is not the music that is important, it is having a great night with friends.

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