Drama Performances Now Included with Activity Pass


Robert Barthell, Staff Writer

Owners of the Activity Pass will get even more value for their money, starting this year.

All drama performances will be covered under the official Activity Pass, a $30 one-time fee, which allows NHS students to attend school sporting events for free.

This news comes as a surprise to many, who have gotten used to paying over and over again to attend drama performances.

Senior Kara Cowell who owns an activity pass, was excited to learn of this new change of policy since she likes to attend the musicals with her friends every year.

“I’m so excited to be be able to see my friends perform even more easily now that I don’t have to pay extra, ” Cowell said.

Activities Director Mike Elkin confirmed that he and Principal Wunderlich made the decision to allow activity passes to get into the plays/musicals.  Vintage Finale is not included with the pass.

Obviously, tickets are sold prior to the show; thus activity passes are subject to availability at the show.

Currently, senior Jossalyn Cowell said that if had she known, she may have purchased an activity pass this year.

“I definitely would attend a drama event rather than an athletic one,” Cowell said with an honest laugh.