Rocket Rowdy Rallies Behind Activity Pass


This photo captures the Homecoming 2019 football game lead by the Rocket Rowdy. Photo courtesy of Principal Wunderlich.

Rachel Cortina, Student of Journalism

Barreling toward the opposing side, the stampede of football players rally for the upcoming adrenalin-filled two hours. In the stands, senior Quinn Parker signals to his fellow students: hands up. A monstrous rumble emerges, encompassing the stadium as the kicker takes his place.

Both players and fans are positioned to play their roles.

During his senior year, Quinn commands respect in his newfound role of Rocket Rowdy, a position in which he leads and plans school spirit involvement. According to Quinn, school support creates a level of appreciation and recognition for the work student-athletes put in every day.

Reflecting on his previous years as a football player, Quinn values the crowd’s support from a different mindset; when the crowd rallies around a united goal the team’s efforts become more rewarding. Now, Quinn leads the fans as a quarterback leads the team.

Quinn admits his role as a Rocket Rowdy changes his perspective.

“It has given me a newfound appreciation for the sports, the teams and the activities here at Neenah High School, and it has helped me connect with my fellow Rockets.”

As a high-achieving student, possessing an activity pass makes games much more realistic for Quinn. Like many students, Quinn struggles to balance school, family and social events. The pass, costing $30, frees him to frequent the events without financial guilt; it ensures admission along with no tedious lines.

For the average spectator, attendance at every game becomes unrealistic. Rocket Rowdie strive not for perfect attendance but for best effort supporting teams — whether in person or promotion on social media. Quinn feels with an activity pass more students are inclined to attend different events. For those who typically do not attend or those looking to get involved, the activity pass serves as motivation because of the low cost and efficiency.

“Every student should own an activity pass!”


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