Period Bags Distributor: A Superhero at Neenah High

Period Bags Distributor:  A Superhero at Neenah High

Ava Remme was the bright young mind behind the saving grace for many girls around Neenah High: Period bags. 

As she sat in her room, Ava realized how fortunate she was to have all the feminine products in her drawer. That lead her to want to spread that fortune and she wondered how she could give back to those in need. Journalist Linda Carroll reported in Reuters, “A survey of low-income women in a large U.S. city finds that nearly two-thirds couldn’t afford menstrual hygiene products such as tampons or pads during the previous year.” She mulled over this idea for a bit and then decided to take action.

In the beginning, she did not run the idea past any administration, she placed the baskets in the girls’ bathrooms on her own. She has collaborated with Full Stop, a group that had done their own period bags in the past. Ava, however, decided to aid this cause on her own. She had originally posted about this idea on Facebook, which lead to her grandparents helping fund the cause. Now, she has a donation bin set up in the main office to support the cause.

Even though she strives to help everyone, she quickly noticed the baskets were being used or even stolen. The frustration stemming from the stolen baskets did not bring her need to help to a halt, Ava chose to focus on those who really needed the baskets.

“If it can help somebody, then it’s fine by me.”

She has plans to keep this tradition alive next year and would hope someone can take over her position. 

 She said that through Instagram, they direct message her.  Ava started an Instagram page to spread awareness of the period bags. Many girls have reached out to her, thanking her for starting this. Ava hopes to inspire other girls outside of the community and raise awareness about the program Girls Helping Girls. Period.

“I want, if anybody saw it, maybe they could make stuff or put them in bathrooms wherever they are. That’s another goal of mine is other people to help other people.”  

Cleary, Ava Remme can be seen as a superhero among girls at Neenah. She has demonstrated that even the smallest act, like the period bags, can greatly impact someone’s day.