Alexander McCarry, Student Contributor



As you feel your Soul being Split into two

You still deny that your Dreams are impossible, and your Envy turns into Pride

You search yourself to find the True Path and everyone walks, but it’s right in front of you the entire time

Humanity gives up too easily, one must see through Darkness and chase their dreams

If you see through one’s darkness

And denied their Pride, Soul shall be Mended


You have Denied people’s help, and only Served yourself, selfish rules have broken mankind once

But this rule is different it’s the start of something new

As many people have fallen from grace, you to will one day suffer the same fate

Like a wind in the distance brushes against your grave, a rebellion is born within your heart

Just as the Darkness is expanding, getting ever closer to your heart


With the Seven Deadly Sin’s ever coming closer to you, a rebellious side begins to take over

You start to see the corruption in this world, and it issues

But the fight is not over, it’s only just the beginning

Like the wind after a battlefield of 1783

With your Pride turning into Wrath

Your world starts to end in the fires of hell