Alexander McCarry, Student Contributor



With the world falling, and your anger showing

You can’t help but feel the world is against you

Like your some kind of monster

But that isn’t the case

You still have your dreams. . . .


After passing through Envy  and Pride

You see the flaws within you

Hatred. . . . Fear. . . . Depression. . . .

All links back to the Seven Deadly Sin’s

Like some form of  Eternal Chain

But that isn’t the case

Your still here. . . .


The end has come, you have failed the final trial

Or have you. . . .

Like a dead tree coming back to life with a little water, you keep pushing onwards

While your fears turn into rage, your Hatred turns into Anxiety

While the petals of life drain, so do your mental fortitude

But that isn’t the case

You’re Already Walking the Path of Light. . . .