New Program Gives Curious Students New Opportunity


Last year’s Incubator students winning cash prizes at Incubator contest

Josh Brazee, Student of Journalism

The new entrepreneurial program called Incubator gives NHS students a unique opportunity to learn business skills through hands-on experience throughout the school year. 

“This program gives students the ability to truly run their own business and learn by putting their lessons into action,” Incubator teacher Mr. Daniel Putman said. 

The relatively new program to the NHS business department gives students the opportunity to become their own leader in their learning. According to Uncharted Learning, the program that runs incubator, students think of a product or service that works to solve a problem, then based on students’ ideas and interests they are paired into groups of three in which to collaborate.

Later, they are supplied with a volunteer adult advisor who has a background in entrepreneurship who guides students down the right avenue that would be the most successful. Contrary to the common classroom practice of learning a lesson and then being assessed, Incubator students are being taught different business lessons.  Then they show what they have learned by putting their teachings into work with their own businesses. 

Senior Evan Krook who has taken the Incubator class said: “With this program, I was given the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the world of business; I was given the power to take my own risks and make my own mistakes. Through it all, I learned more than I ever could have because of this program.” 

Throughout the first semester, students are like miners digging to find that perfect gem for their business as a whole, and also for their presentation of the product they have made. Further on, students have opportunities to pitch their business in shark-tank like contests where they could win money and other prizes.  

The business program is excited to see where this unique opportunity will bring its students. The future of incubator at NHS is still in its early stages, and this program will be here for years to come. Students and teachers alike are confident that this program will take students to heights never imagined before.