Staff Editorial: Suggestions for Upcoming Class Registration


Satellite Staff

On top of finals season and pre-break classwork cramming, students face a few tricky decisions as they begin to organize and register for courses in the upcoming weeks, as course registration for the 2019-’20 school year will take place for students tomorrow during AACP for grades nine through 12. Oftentimes the act of compiling required credits and electives into a schedule so early in the year leaves students feeling stressed, confused and lacking guidance. To aide this headache, the Satellite staff offers suggestions for future classes. 

Ashlyn Jacobs (Composition for Journalistic Publication): 

In this class, students truly learn how to write original journalistic works from the topic-choosing stage to after they press publish. With a multitude of creative projects, the journalism course provides an engaging curriculum and a manageable workload. Taught by Mrs. Beth Plankey, this course qualifies as a Composition 12 half credit, but is open to all grades as an elective. 

Tori Rondeau (AP World History): 

This is a great class that can help students earn college level credit at a low cost. Mr. Thiede does a great job of preparing the class for the AP test and introducing students to higher-level coursework. The students learn all about world history, and cover many interesting and enjoyable topics. This course counts as a full credit for global citizenship. 

Emlyn Swardenski (Adv. Biology)

Do not fear the advanced version of biology; the teachers really help each student individually do the absolute best they can in the class. In this course, students learn about the fascinating aspects of all seven kingdoms of life from the tiniest living microbe to the great giants such as the blue whale and a four-mile fungus. Advanced Biology offers a balanced, manageable workload and comprehensive material. 

Kara Cowell (AP Language and Composition 11):

This class is seen as intimidating by many but it teaches so many skills that help prepare for all the writing needed beyond high school. This class is challenging but incredibly interesting and helps students understand how to analyze famous historical literature as well as how to format meaningful essays. 

Elaina Plankey (Introduction to Engineering and Design):

Signing up for this class introduces students to a low stress environment to learn skills such as drawing technical sketches, utilizing equipment such as laser engravers and 3-D printing and Autodesk Inventor. As a part of the classes in the Mechanical Engineering academy, this class also offers path for future classes in engineering. This class also offers an opportunity to earn college credits. 

Abi Wise (Marketing):

This class is perfect for anyone who is creative, curious about what a career in business could be like, or is already interested in the field of marketing. In this class, you learn about the 5 Ps of Marketing and how each one is used all around us and will use them yourself in many different engaging activities. Marketing also opens your eyes to other fun and helpful business courses. The class also allows you to get a feel for many activities that will be done in the workforce, like working in groups, giving presentations, and offering feedback.