Review: Which Smoothie Shop Makes You Go Bananas?

Review: Which Smoothie Shop Makes You Go Bananas?

Kaitlyn Mayer, Student of Journalism

Smoothies have been a drink popular for years. Throughout the United States, smoothies are popular everywhere. Especially in L.A. Before the craze, no one ever really thought about the health effects of them. Recently there has been much more health conscious people, and they do not want to drink smoothies because of all the calories. Smoothie shops have gotten wind of that too, and some have not. 

For stop one, we traveled all the way to Dairy Queen on Gay St. in Neenah. A small smoothie was $2.99 and 250 calories. It is cheap, and it tastes like what you paid for. There is no real fruit flavor; it tastes artificial. When you initially sip it, all you can taste it the sugar and syrup. Advertising it as a “Premium Fruit Smoothie” is misleading, because there is no true fruit taste to it. Although they did have the option of a lite smoothie, which reduces the calorie count. If you are on a budget or have a quick craving, this is an amazing slurp stop. 

Next we took CB all the way to Cafe Nutrition. It is a really nice small cafe, with super quality smoothies. I got a 16oz fruit smoothie, for the price of $4.82. When you first took a sip, you tasted real fruit seeds and got actual fruit chunks up the straw. There is a nice icy crunch factor to it, not big chunks of ice though. You are able to watch them put all the ingredients into it, and blend it. This tasted natural, and made you feel clean. The service was slower, but that is the overall vibe of the restaurant. This was a much better quality smoothie overall but it was pricier. 

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