Music Review: FineLine by Harry Styles Delivers Optimistic Songs

Music Review: FineLine by Harry Styles Delivers Optimistic Songs

Katya Schumacher, Student of Journalism

The eagerly awaited second album from Harry Styles, FineLine, is highly satisfying musically and lyrically. It was released December 2019. The album cover reflects the retro-rock and upbeat polished tunes, which is proven by the bright pink and white colors. The coherent structure of songs and vocals will expand your love for music and talent. 

If you enjoy excitable and optimistic songs with a mix of romance and a hint of tragedy this album is meant for you.

FineLine has been a roaring success: The album earned a four- star review from Rolling Stone and also ranked 23rd on Rolling Stone’s list of the Best Albums of 2019. In awe of the high ratings, senior Curtis Calcari, lover of music, said that he found the new album to be “fantastic and wonderful.” 

The album follows different storylines. For example, some songs are more optimistic and romantic while other songs highlights misery and sadness. The opening song, “Golden” shows the more upbeat and pop culture references with its “da-da-das” weaved into the chorus which makes it undeniably catchy and playful. On the more melancholy side, there are slow songs that express heart-rending loss and gloominess in songs such as  “Falling.”

Popular music industry, Billboard Charts describes how Harry Styles has changed his music, “Styles takes on a brighter, younger perspective to his characteristic psychedelic rock/pop.”  The lyrics of his songs have the power to move your heart when the listener comes to the realization of how truly painful losing someone close is.

 Although the backup vocals help visualize each song, the musical instruments used in each song brings uniqueness to each track. My personal favorite was the electric guitar, it smoothed over the songs and gave each song more depth. According to Vulture magazine, Harry Styles found his inspiration from rock and roll legend, David Bowie. 

FineLine offers variety of rock, pop, and strong singing vocals that enhance the listener into another dimension. The album now can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.