Salutes and Slams: Week of Jan. 22

Salutes and Slams: Week of Jan. 22

Satellite Staff


  • Students feel relieved to wrap up finals week and smoothly transition into semester two.
  • Cotton Club on Jan. 18 provided a fun atmosphere.
  • Both performers and audience members look forward to the NHS winter production Secret in the Wings.
  • Participating students anticipate Eco Club’s trivia night on Feb. 12 for a night of pizza and teamwork trivia.


  • Students caught in the panic and uncertainty had to scramble to fix grades at the last minute.
  • The revised parking situation on campus provokes student driver frustration all around.
  • Due to the recent date change of Winterfest week, students struggle to reschedule plans for the night of the dance.
  • The proposed discontinuation of the pep assembly tradition threatens the livelihood of school spirit.