NHS Diversity Fair Postponed


Robert Barthell, Staff Writer

In an e-mail released to teachers, Principal Brian Wunderlich explained that the NHS annual Diversity Fair, scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, April 3, will be “postponed or cancelled.” This comes as fears of the COVID-19 virus reach Wisconsin.

Wunderlich “recognizes the importance of this event to our school culture;” however, he feels that it is not “responsible to have the event April 3rd.”  He hopes that NHS students are “able to celebrate in May after all AP testing is done.”

Sophomore Lauren Woller understands the importance of postponing the event, but believes there are different ways to take precautions.  She said, “I loved the first year, and I don’t want to miss out on it this year. It’s sad.”

French teacher and adviser of the French Club, Mrs. Erin Meilhon, acknowledged that the situation is unfortunate, but said that the school administration has to “make the right decision” and notes “things are cancelling all over the place.”  Additionally, Meilhon advises that “we have to be really conscious of staying sanitary and careful, especially with food.”