Humans of NHS – Elliana King


Photo by: Aber Qureshi

Aber Qureshi, Student of Journalism

“I look up to my mom the most because she’s very positive and doing everything for everyone else including everyone before herself. I treasure quality time with people because that’s really how I bond with people around me including my family, my dog, my brother, my stepdad and my mom. I fear losing the strong relationships and friendships that I’ve built as I find relationships quite difficult to build and get to really strong places. The closer friends and closer family would suck to lose the most. If I could rewind the last 12 years of high cchool, I would put more effort into more classes especially from my freshman year where I originally thought if they were hard, I just thought I was bad at them and I couldn’t really do anything about it, but I realized in sophomore year that I had to put forth more effort and even if it was really hard I just had to keep trying to understand what was going on and teach myself some of it, even if I didn’t understand it right away.” – Elliana King, class of 2021



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