Desperate Times Call for Essential Measures


Ellon Buchanan, Student of Journalism

With the mask mandate in place, students are now starting to adapt to masks as the new normal. This being said, many teens who work tend to forget they are essential workers. Archer Gahl is an essential worker at Pick ‘n Save and a student at NHS. 

Archer works as a cashier and enjoys working as one. When reminded that he is an essential worker he said, “it feels no different from simply having a part-time job.” 

Working in retail during this time can be extremely frustrating. Archer finds it hard to deal with customers who come into the store without a mask and refuse to wear one. Additionally, he finds it difficult when customers complain about the store’s policy considering the coin shortage. He expresses irritation toward the fact that he cannot argue with customers who try to oppose the idea or say that Pick ’n Save is the only store that has that policy. 

Archer clearly doesn’t enjoy these moments, but as most retail workers know, customer service is not all sunshine and glitter. He chooses to remember what makes him feel good about his job; the sweet elderly who guarantee him a smile

Archer attends school online and he does not work more hours than an average in-person student. He goes on to explain that with the four-day school schedule, he had to change his availability so online school would be completely done before his shift starts. “If the school schedule was broken up into five days,” Archer said. “I would easily be able to get more hours.” This is a logical solution and would be appreciated by many students if the schedule could be more predictable. It would also help recognize our exhausted essential workers at the high school during this time.

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