A Hall of Fame Worthy Coach


Photo by: Kevin Beauchamp

Evan Piechocki, Student of Journalism

As over 1,000 grieving people are in attendance at his beloved father’s funeral, Mr. Chris Rundquist reflects on the impact this man has had on him along with many other individuals.

Not only does Rundquist carry his dad’s legacy of being an accomplished teacher, he carries the legacy of being an amazing coach, mentor and friend. He enjoys living his life following the path his father once walked.

“Being a teacher or a coach and helping kids learn is temporary, but changing someone’s life is permanent.” 

In the classroom and on the mat, Rundquist continues to inspire teenagers. He walks into the wrestling room and reminds himself of why he continues to pursue his career in coaching.

He sits down next to a kid that feels unappreciated and forgotten. Rundquist willingly takes this kid under his wing and shows him what a father is meant to do for his kid.

“It’s not all about who will win you a state championship. No matter the skill level, you have to treat everyone equally.” This kids’ name is Pete. Pete does not have a father, but Rundquist is the closest thing to one.

Rundquist ensures that Pete never feels alone whether it’s in time of grief or in time of triumph.

It is the end of the match.  Pete’s hand is being raised by the referee. He runs off the mat in pure excitement. He gazes over every fan, teammate, friend and foe in hopes of finding the one man who kept him alive. That man is Mr.Rundquist.

Rundquist congratulates and hugs Pete just as if he had won an Olympic gold medal. 

Pete is so thankful for Rundquist; he crafts a pheasant out of wood just for him. Rundquist turns over the pheasant and stares upon a note that reads “Thank you for everything!”

Rundquist is flooded with warmth and continues to touch other people’s hearts no matter the circumstances or fame.

(Like Pete, I want to say thank you to Coach Rundquist for being one of my biggest advocates and influences in my life. You are an amazing man.)