Administrator Reflects Career and Education Via Podcast Skills

Aber Qureshi, Student of Journalism

COVID-19 has changed everything. Schools, businesses, jobs and work have shut down and became much tougher during this global pandemic, but that does not stop Kyle Popp, NHS and Shattuck Middle School’s youngest administrator to share his love and affection to education.

Popp started his early education and occupations from being an NHS alumni to graduating at Marion University. From there, he became a social studies teacher before partaking in multiple alternative programs including Velocity at Shattuck and becoming an associate principal at NHS.  Popp finally achieved and became an administrator at both NHS and Shattuck in 2017 and has taken the job now for three years.

Popp describes his occupation as an administrator “different on everyday.”  He enjoys learning about new people and to take part in meetings to change anything to make the schools better.

“My goal everyday when I work is, I want to make the best possible situations for everyone including students and staff alike,” Popp describes.

As mentioned before, Popp graduated from NHS and treasures the school with memories and unforgettable experiences years later. “The best things I find about NHS, every year I’m here is the variety of different students who come from all walks of life and each are filled with unique qualities. I find there’s potential, talent and ambition hidden in every single one of them.”

With his love for students and life at NHS, Popp has been given a unique and interesting opportunity where he hosts student podcasts. Popp loves to listen to podcasts as they are constructive and interesting experiences to listen to and given the opportunity to create them for well over a year now, has been an ambition Popp loves. He loves to show his leadership skills in providing and sharing interesting stories that not many students or teachers have heard of and he likes the opportunity of getting to know people better and learning new things.

But COVID-19 has changed school and work, but that does not stop Popp from also describing how he had to change and adapt both NHS and Shattuck to being safe and secure environments. He, alongside other administators, had to redo many procedures and come up with new strategies to keep students and staff safe.

“One major example we’ve done to keep everyone safe is to make sure to limit the amount of students in the building and limit the amount of passing times to ensure a safer environment.”

At the end of it all, Popp’s goals and ambitions remain to being the same like they were the previous three years and for more to come. He enjoys and loves his job of being an admin as it offers a great challenge but gets newer everyday and creating student podcasts to share people’s stories has been a unique and brilliant opportunity for him. His favourite aspect every year at NHS is to find the passion and excellence hidden outside of students and teachers, both in and out of the halls.