Stealthy Approach to Education Explored


Photo by: Grace Randall

Senior Ellon Buchanan shares her perspective.

Evan Greis, Student of Journalism

In a school of over 2,000 students, going unnoticed is almost impossible, but one student makes that the goal.

For the everyday student, a chat in the halls or a group conversation is commonplace, but not everyone likes the attention and noise the school can bring. Ellon Buchanan is a senior at NHS who breaks the traditional life of a student.

She explains her simple role.

“I show up and I do my homework and I leave.”

Although she functions within community, she doesn’t seek connection here.  “There isn’t really anything I do to be involved in the school like sports or clubs.”

Does this behavior spark judgment?

She doesn’t care if they do, which is a strong response for a quiet figure.

After a short pause of reflection on how others view her, she adjusts: “ I like to think they don’t. I don’t thrive on being noticed or viewed or placed in a certain category.”

She traverses Neenah High and prefers to lay low.

“Not necessarily hidden but more just minding my own business . . .”

Her unique lifestyle choice reflects the variety of students that NHS houses, and what their story means to similar students, who express similar values. This student’s final goal is for others to treat each other with a mutual level of respect, regardless of the way they dress, look or act in the hope of a more accepting community.