Satellite Invites Students to Share Voices, Win Cash in Editorial Contest

Ashlyn Jacobs, Editor in Chief

The Satellite will hold an editorial contest open to NHS students starting today and ending Dec. 18; the first place contest winners from both divisions, written and visual, will win a $50 cash prize. Below are the full contest guidelines.


  • NHS  students of all grades and learning methods may participate
  • Current Satellite staff members may not participate 

Two Divisions: 

  • Writing (letter to the editor/editorial)
  • Visual (editorial cartoon, comic strip, or photo series)

$50 cash prize for first place in both divisions

Time period: one month

(Nov. 16 opening, Dec. 18 deadline)

Guidelines for written submissions:

  • Students must work individually
  • Word count 400-600 words (suggested) 
  • Topics should relate somehow to the audience, which is NHS but can have presence in the outside world. For example, past editorials topics include: 
    • harmful effects of energy drinks and why students should not drink them
    • how the student dress code disrupts classrooms and why it should be altered
    • why the bathrooms at the high school need major improvement
  • Submissions should accomplish the following:
    • Catch the readers’ attention
    • Introduce the topic with relevant information
    • Clearly indicate the writer’s stance
    • Provide support for the stance (why is the change necessary? What will it accomplish?)
    • Conclude the editorial by restating the stance and emphasizing its positive impacts. 
    • Be written in third person (suggested)
    • Include quotes from reputable/relevant sources: can include websites, school officials, topic experts, NHS students, community members, etc. 
  • Include one photo or graphic as a featured image

Guidelines for visual submissions:

  • Students must work individually
  • Topics should relate somehow to the audience, which is Neenah High School, but can have presence in the outside world. For example, past visual topics include: 
    • Promoting student events, such as musicals or sports games
    • Holidays (see “Happy Halloween ” cartoon)
    • Action shots of learning around the school
  • Submissions should accomplish the following: 
    • Reflect opinions of the artist
    • Be visually appealing
    • Include a variety of photos, if it is a photo series. 5-15 suggested

How to Submit

  • Format: Times New Roman, 12 pt font on Google Docs for written
  • Do not include your name or personal information on the document itself.
  • Download as a PDF (written) or JPG/PNG (visual)
  • attach download in an email to Ashlyn Jacobs, Satellite Editor-in-chief, at [email protected]
  • In the subject line, use the following format: Lastname, Firstname: Satellite Visual/Written Contest Submission 
  • Submit by midnight on Friday, Dec. 18, 2020


  • Submissions will be judged by the Satellite editors
  • Winners will be contacted via email
  • First place winners will get cash prize

Winning submissions and honorable mentions will be published on